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Signed the Lease!

Hi, everyone! I wanted to share some news with you. The Cat Cafe had a space identified from the very beginning, but I didn’t want to sign the lease until I was sure that the San Diego County Health Department would sign off on the concept. I had a couple of meetings with them in order to:

  • Explain the concept of a cat cafe to them
  • Make sure that the separation of the cats from the area where the food and beverages are served meets the requirements of the health code

Not surprisingly, their initial reaction was to say no. But after explaining the concept and stressing that the animals will be completely separated from the area where food and beverages will be served, I got the okay.  It took multiple revisions to the plans. I guess that’s what should be expected when you’re introducing a new concept to regulators and they want to make sure that your idea complies with all the regulations.

The Cat Cafe Has Signed the Lease

But now that this is complete, I’ve gone ahead and signed the lease. I’m confident it will be approved and then I can count down the days until I move in, and start the build out process.

The Cat Cafe doesn’t get this far without your support and help.

That’s why I want to give all of our supporters a big thank you.

A Big Thank You to All Supporters of The Cat Cafe

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