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Six Cats Join The Clowder

We’ve adopted out a lot of cats at The Cat Cafe lately. That’s why six new cats joined our clowder and why we’ll jump right into introducing them to you.

Meet Fig at The Cat Cafe


Fig is a boy who’s going on four years, and he’s an inquisitive and playful guy. You’ll find him entertaining customers with his antics and fun nature. Fig is cross eyed. But people say it makes him look even cuter. And he doesn’t let it slow him down.

Meet Nellie at The Cat Cafe


Nellie is about a year and a half, but she’s been through a lot. The house she was staying in burned down. She escaped, and returned to what was left of the linen closet to give birth to her kittens. Nellie went to a foster home, where she raised orphaned kittens in addition to hers. Now she’s looking for a home of her own.

Meet Finley at The Cat Cafe


A kind person found Finley wandering, and decided that he was so friendly he’d do well in a home instead of on the street. They were right! Finley loves to play and he entertains everyone when he gets going. At six months, he’s the youngest member of the clowder.

Meet Gidget at The Cat Cafe


A trap, neuter, and return program found Gidget in the Imperial Valley. But Gidget is friendly and doesn’t belong in a colony of feral cats. She belongs in a home of her own. That’s why the TNR program contacted The Rescue House, and we’re glad this girl who’s about a year old ended up at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Blaise at The Cat Cafe


Blaise also comes from the Imperial Valley. The people who found her contacted The Rescue House, asking for help. When they saw how playful and fun this girl who’s going on a year acts, they decided she needed to go to The Cat Cafe. Blaise is already playing with toys and goes running across the playpen when she’s in the mood.

Meet Manuel at The Cat Cafe


Last, but certainly not least, is Manual. Manual got a second chance on life with The Rescue House after being taken to a facility to be euthanized. He came to The Cat Cafe because we’ve had success with cats like him. This four year old has lots of life left, and would love a home where he gets the help he needs losing weight.

As we said, there are a lot of new felines to meet at The Cat Cafe. Come on by, say hi to some of these cats, and spend some time with ones you’ve met already.

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