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Some Changes At The Cat Cafe

When we talk to customers at The Cat Cafe, one of the things we hear the most is that they wish we had better options for parking. This is the challenge of any business in downtown San Diego. It’s tough to provide parking, paid or unpaid, for customers. It’s a commodity that’s in high demand.

We’ve told customers that if they can’t find street parking, parking can be found at a paid parking lot at the intersection of Second and Island or there’s free parking available at Horton Plaza.

Elsa's Looking for a Parking Spot

Elsa’s Looking for a Parking Spot

We didn’t like this, and we’ve been working with the property owner to come up with a solution for this. What we agreed to do is to open the lot next to The Cat Cafe for parking. It will cost $5 per hour, cash only. If you want to take advantage of this, please come in and let the barista know that you’re parking your car. We’ll note the time that you came in and charge you appropriately when you leave.

The Cat Cafe has also been interested in reducing our environmental footprint. That is why we have a discount of $0.25 for those who use their own mug and offer a 10 percent discount to those who bike here.

And it’s why when the makers of okocat contacted us, we were very happy to start using their litter. Instead of being made from strip mined clay, okocat is made from fallen timber and unused lumber. Another attribute of okocat that appealed to us is that there’s a lot less dust than with clay litters. In the relatively small space that we’ve got for our 12 cats, the less dust the better.

The Cat Cafe is Now Using okocat Litter

The Cat Cafe is Now Using okocat Litter

Here at The Cat Cafe, the transition from clay litter to okocat has gone very well. As with any change in litter, it needs to be done gradually. We’ve put okocat in with the clay litter, and the cats, after investigating the new litter, have taken right to it.

Those of you who have visited The Cat Cafe know that we keep the litter behind a closed door to keep the smells from you. Using okocat has helped reduce those smells and that’s another reason we’re happy to have started using it.

Interested in checking out okocat for yourself? We have coupons for $3 off any of their litters in any size. Come visit The Cat Cafe, take advantage of the parking, see how okocat works, and try it at home.

As always, if you have any questions or comments for us here at The Cat Cafe, we’d love to hear them!

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