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The Cat Cafe Reaches 200 Adoptions

When we opened The Cat Cafe in January 2015, we were hoping to send one cat per week to a good home. If we did this, we knew we’d be helping San Diego Humane Society fulfill its commitment in the Getting to Zero initiative. This initiative spares every adoptable or treatable animal from euthanasia.

We were really excited when we reached 100 adoptions last year, with the adoption of a very active house panther named Atticus. And we’re just as excited today. When the active and playful brothers Dean and Deluca went home, we reached the 200 adoptions mark!

Dean Was Adopted At The Cat Cafe

Dean with His Adopter

Dean and Deluca arrived at The Cat Cafe about a month ago, and quickly became favorites of both the staff and visitors. Their playful antics entertained everyone. The staff loved how these two would follow them everywhere when customers weren’t present. And while cats do sleep anywhere from 14-18 hours per day, when these brothers weren’t sleeping, they were playing.

Deluca Was Adopted At The Cat Cafe

Deluca Getting Ready to Go Home

These two are really nice cats, too. No cat likes to go into a crate. These two were purring even though they tried to keep from going into the crates!

In order to celebrate our 200th adoption, we’re dropping the price on all of our pastries to $2.00 for today. Our pastries are always a nice add on, and they’re reasonably priced without the discount. This discount makes them an even better add on to your drink.

Also, after learning that we reached 200 adoptions, one of our supporters decided to contribute $200 to our crowdfunding campaign to build out a sidewalk cafe! That will take us close to $4,000, which means that we’re getting really close to our goal.

If you haven’t contributed already, please do so. And if you can’t contribute right now, please share our crowdfunding campaign so that others can.

Please come visit The Cat Cafe today. Enjoy your drink and a $2 pastry, and help us celebrate reaching 200 adoptions!

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