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The Cat Cafe Sends Eight Cats Home in September

In September, things tend to slow down a little. The summer travel season ends, and people head back to work and to school. But we were busy here at The Cat Cafe. We sent eight cats to good homes in September. In addition to sending these cats to their new homes, The Cat Cafe is happy to have raised $255 for San Diego Humane Society in September.

Oreo was One of Eight September Adoptions at The Cat Cafe

Oreo was One of Eight September Adoptions at The Cat Cafe

We’re happy with the results we saw in September. We knew that the amount of visitors we saw would drop quite a bit because of the end of the summer travel season. Still, we were able to adopt out an average of two cats a week and raise a decent amount of money to help San Diego Humane Society carry out their mission of helping animals.

We’re also pleased with the results of our fundraising campaign for a sidewalk cafe. We’ve raised 50 percent of the funds we need to build out the sidewalk cafe the way we want in just a couple of weeks! We still aren’t at our goal, and we’re still asking patrons to contribute. Every little bit helps, so please contribute and share our campaign.

You’ll remember we shifted our focus at The Cat Cafe from the total number of cats to making sure we have interactive ones. Doing this seems to have had a positive effect. Right now, we have 11 cats in residence at The Cat Cafe. And all but one of them spends the majority of its time out in the playpen. That means in addition to enjoying your award winning coffee drink, you are much more likely to be able to make a furry friend.

We’ll continue to make improvements here at The Cat Cafe to enhance your experience. We always welcome your feedback. Please visit us, enjoy a good cup of coffee and spend time with our clowder!

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