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The Cat Cafe Sends Five Cats Home in August 2019

In August, things calm down for us at The Cat Cafe. We don’t have four days where there are an extra 135,000 people in downtown San Diego. But we’re still busy, and we’re taking care of a lot of customers who decide to visit America’s Finest City for their summer vacation. That can make things challenging for potential adopters, which is why we’re glad we sent five cats home in August.

We’re glad we got the chance to spend time with Peaches, Sven, Kristoff, Blinky, and Twinky. But we’re glad they left The Cat Cafe for their forever homes.

And we’re also grateful to our visitors for contributing $325 to help The Rescue House in its mission of helping find homes for adoptable cats.

As cats go home, we bring new ones in. We’d like to introduce you to the latest members of The Cat Cafe clowder.

Meet Casanova at The Cat Cafe


First up is a four year old brown tabby, Casanova. He’s been through a lot in his life. He thought he had a forever home when he was adopted as a kitten. But a change in his living circumstances made him nervous, and it caused issues that made his people return him to The Rescue House. Casanova loves laps, and if you want to get him to hop into your lap have a seat on the bench in the back. If Casanova is awake, there’s a good sense he’ll join you.

Since we sent a couple of bonded pairs home in August, it only makes sense that another bonded pair would join the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Georgia and John are part of a four cat litter. The other two cats, Paul and Ringo, should make very clear where the inspiration for their names came from. Both of these cats are about as young as we get them, at six months.

Meet Georgia at The Cat Cafe


Georgia is a black and white cat who starts her purr motor very easily. Start petting her and it revs right up. While neither of the pair is shy, Georgia is a little more reserved. That doesn’t mean she’s not social, though, and she loves interacting with people.

Meet John at The Cat Cafe


John is a little more rambunctious than his sister, and he loves to play with her. Not surprisingly, given that he’s more rambunctious, he sometimes annoys her. And his playful nature isn’t limited to his sister. He loves playing with water.

Meet Honey at The Cat Cafe


The last cat to join us is Honey. Honey is about a year and a half old. She started her life in a semi-hoarding situation, and arrived at The Rescue House pregnant. She gave birth to a litter of two, and adapted to motherhood quickly. After her kittens were weaned, she came to The Cat Cafe. She quickly adapted to the environment, and loves to entertain both staff and visitors.

We hope to introduce you to the newest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe in person soon. Come meet them and say hello to some of the longer term residents!

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