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The Cat Cafe’s March 14 Arrivals

One of the nicest things about what we’re doing here at The Cat Cafe is that we’re adopting out a lot of cats, which means that we get new arrivals quite frequently. We received some new cats in over the past few days, and I’d like to introduce them all to you. I’m sure you’ll find something to love about at least one of the latest cats to join us at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Suzy At The Cat Cafe


We can’t seem to get away from cats with tortitude. Suzy is our latest tortoiseshell cat. She’s a little shy and she’ll need some time to get used to the new space. She’s a little older, at ten years, and she also needs a little help with weight management because she’s 20 pounds. We’ll work on getting both her and Lani in shape.

Meet Manon At The Cat Cafe


We couldn’t let our buddy Momo, who’s spent the most time here at The Cat Cafe, be the only brown tabby in our mix. That’s why Manon joined us. We recommend that all cats be indoor only cats, but Manon has to be one because she has been front paw declawed. She’s also shy, but once she warms up to you, she is very easy going and mellow. Maybe you can take Manon and Momo home together and have a mellow pair of brown tabbies?

Meet Miguel at The Cat Cafe


Miguel is part of a brother and sister pair we got in. He’s five years old and a fairly big guy, weighing in at 15 pounds. He’s the more adventurous of the siblings, and loves to do belly rolls onto your feet when he gets to know you. He is also not shy at all about letting you know what’s on his mind.

Meet Michelle at The Cat Cafe


The other half of the sibling pair is named Michelle. She’s what I call a cow cat, because her black and white pattern resembles that of a cow. She’s the same age, five, as Miguel and she’s smaller, weighing 10 pounds. Miguel helps her come out of her shell and it’s best if this pair goes home together. They love to hang out together here at The Cat Cafe.

With us having record breaking heat here in San Diego, come on over and hang out with the cool cats at The Cat Cafe!

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