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Three Boys Join the Cat Cafe Clowder

Recently at The Cat Cafe, we’ve sent a few members of our clowder to their new homes. We’ll miss having Princess Caroline, Nicholas, and Sebastian around, but we are glad that they found their forever homes!

After we sent these three cats home, San Diego Humane Society brought three new cats to us. They’re all boys, and we think you’ll enjoy seeing them around The Cat Cafe.

Since we sent one bonded pair home, it only makes sense that we would get another bonded pair in. Meet Nixon and Onyx.

Meet Nixon at The Cat Cafe


Nixon is the bigger of the two, weighing nearly 16 pounds. He’s a three year old orange tabby, and he’s the more inquisitive and curious one of the two. You’ll see Nixon walking around the playpen, introducing himself to people, and hopping into their laps. He’s still getting used to the space, so after a while, he likes to go into the retreat, but it’s only for a little while.

Meet Onyx at The Cat Cafe


Onyx is the smaller and more shy of the two cats. He likes to find a spot to hide, and he’ll stay there for most of the day. Generally that spot is out in the playpen, but sometimes he’ll find one in the retreat and spend his time there. This 14 pound boy likes attention, but be sure to be gentle and slow with him until he’s ready for it.

Meet Tiny at The Cat Cafe


Tiny is the last of the three cats who joined the clowder at The Cat Cafe recently. Don’t let his name fool you. He’s a big boy, weighing 16 pounds. We think the reason why Tiny got his name is because of his tiny little meow. It’s the kind of meow you’d expect from a cat half his size!

Come on by to meet the latest arrivals at The Cat Cafe and to spend some time with some of our longer term residents!

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