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Three Cats Go Home, One Comes Back

It’s always a happy day here at The Cat Cafe when we get a chance to send cats to their homes. We had three adoptions in two days, and one of the cats we adopted came back to us.

The first cat to go home was Truvy. When she arrived here, this was the first chance Truvy had to be a cat in her life. Our partners at San Diego Humane Society brought Truvy to us after getting her from a shelter that was overcrowded. In that shelter, Truvy had spent all seven years of her life mostly confined to a cage. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Truvy was very happy to be able to roam around freely all day long.

Truvy Being Adopted at The Cat Cafe

Truvy Getting Ready to Head Home

And that playful attitude is what caused Truvy’s new family to fall in love with her and take her home. Truvy has already fit right in to her new home.

Roddy Being Adopted At The Cat Cafe

Roddy Being Adopted At The Cat Cafe

The next day, we sent our first kitten, Roddy, to a new home. Roddy’s adopters visited San Diego Humane Society’s main campus at Gaines Street. When they asked about him, they were told to come here. So they did, and they fell in love with Roddy right away. After that, there was no question that they had to take him home.

Justin Was Adopted At The Cat Cafe

Justin With His New Family

Not long after Roddy went to his home, Justin made the trip to his. Initially, the person who adopted Justin wanted to meet Momo. And she liked Momo, but Justin kind of picked her as his human. Who was she to argue with him, especially when he started to purr when she was petting him? So Justin left The Cat Cafe for his home in San Marcos.

But while three cats went to their new homes, we had one who came back. Lani was adopted but things didn’t work out, so she came back to us. We’re happy to have this sweet girl back here at The Cat Cafe, and hope to find her a home that’s perfect.

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