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Three Girls Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

It’s taken a while for us to get close to our full load of cats. This is because Clear the Shelters Day was very successful for both The Cat Cafe and San Diego Humane Society. We sent three cats home on that day, and because hundreds of animals went home at San Diego Humane Society, there weren’t as many cats to choose from.

But while it may have taken a while, our clowder got a little bigger. We’re up to eleven cats now, which is just one less than our typical level of a dozen cats.

The cats who joined us are all girls. That really changed the balance between boys and girls. Right now, we have four boys (Theodore, Rocky, Dodger, and Mariner) and eight girls. At The Cat Cafe, we try to keep the balance even but obviously that didn’t happen. It doesn’t really matter, though, and the new arrivals are fitting right in.

Meet Cathy at The Cat Cafe


Cathy is the oldest member of the new arrivals. She’s a senior kitty, at ten years and six months. She’s also a little on the small size, weighing in at eight pounds. Cathy is a little shy, and she’s spending most of her time in the cat retreat. She’s very sweet, though, and loves being pet and spoken to softly. If she’s happy and lifts her tail because of it, you’ll get to see an adorable little white spot on a black tail.

Meet Mango at The Cat Cafe


Mango came to us with her sister, who you’ll meet in a moment. She’s the bigger and shyer of the two cats. Mango is about a year and a half old and she’s a relatively large cat, weighing 12.4 pounds. Although Mango may be shy, she’s very friendly and if you approach her properly, she enjoys gentle petting.

Meet Pineapple at The Cat Cafe


Pineapple is a little smaller than Mango and she’s also a little more outgoing. Like her sister, she’s a year and a half old, but she is a little smaller. She was quick to investigate the cat playpen when she arrived at The Cat Cafe. Although she has been spending most of her time in the cat retreat, when she comes out, she’s very cute!

Come and meet the new arrivals at The Cat Cafe and say hello to the other eight cats who have been with us for a bit.

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