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Three New Cats Arrive

Just in time for the weekend, we’ve got three new cats for you to enjoy at The Cat Cafe. It’s an interesting group of kitties and we hope you enjoy meeting them all.

Meet Campbell at The Cat Cafe


Campbell was transferred from the San Diego County Department of Animal Services to San Diego Humane Society, and then he found his way to us here at The Cat Cafe. This three year old ginger tabby is a little unusual in that he likes to be held. He actually doesn’t mind being pet vigorously and if you do it just right, he won’t just purr. He’ll drool. Some people may say that’s kind of gross but if you adopt Campbell from us, you’ll learn to see this as a kitty shower of love.

Meet Gus at The Cat Cafe


Gus is a five year old Maine coon mix who was surrendered because the people who were caring for him said he was too talkative. This brown longhair tabby does like to talk, no question about it. When he arrived at The Cat Cafe, he was talking up a storm, and when he got out of his crate, he didn’t get any more quiet. He’s settling in well, and loves to greet people he likes with head bonks and a friendly meow. If you don’t mind a cat who likes to talk to people he likes, Gus might be a good fit for you.

Meet Mongo at The Cat Cafe


We didn’t have any Maine coons here at The Cat Cafe for a while, and now we have two Maine coon mixes. With a name like Mongo, it can’t be a surprise that this grey and white four year old kitty is a big one. Mongo is a gentle giant, who’s a little shy at first, but who will warm up to you if you talk to him and pet him. And once you get him to like you, just like his namesake, he will want to stay with you.

We’d love to see you come visit these guys or to say hello to some of the kitties who have been at The Cat Cafe longer.

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