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Three New Cats Join The Cat Cafe

Just in time for the weekend, we have three new cats for you to come and interact with. The arrival of these three will take The Cat Cafe up to our full capacity of ten cats. We were able to bring these guys in because Julius and Willow did not spend much time here. They were adopted very quickly!

The group of three kitties joining us here at The Cat Cafe is an interesting group.

Meet Phoenix At The Cat Cafe


The one who has gotten the most comfortable so far is also the oldest one of the group. His name is Phoenix. He’s ten years old, but you’d never know it by his personality. He’s playful and seeks interaction with people. Within ten minutes of arriving at The Cat Cafe, Phoenix was wandering around the playpen like he had been here his whole life. And he’s got a very interesting meow and purr.

We also brought in a black and white cat named Magic. Magic is more shy than Phoenix, but honestly, just about any cat would be. He’s a young adult of two years. And Magic likes to talk. He’s still getting used to his new surroundings, but give him a little time, and he’ll be out and about to talk to you and make you fall in love with him.

Meet Yoda at The Cat Cafe


The last kitty who arrived in this group is Yoda. He’s a black domestic longhair who, not surprisingly given his name, is a very zen cat. Yoda enjoys being pet and has been known to cuddle up with his people. At four years, he’s got a lot of love left to give and would love to meet you at The Cat Cafe.

Come on by and meet our new kitties, enjoy some coffee and who knows what might happen. You might fall in love and decide to take one of them home!

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