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It’s Time for The Cat Cafe Comic-Con Special

As you know, Comic-Con is just around the corner. Comic-Con will take place July 21-24. We here at The Cat Cafe are very excited to welcome all of the visitors who will descend on downtown San Diego.

Those of you who have visited before know that we typically allow people to enter the cat playpen after purchasing a drink. We have a limited number of reservations available during our peak times. But, our goal here at The Cat Cafe is to make sure we allow people to come to visit us on a spur of the moment basis.

During Comic-Con, however, that system becomes unworkable. If we were to do this, we would have extensive waits for just a few minutes with the cats. That’s not the experience we want to provide to our customers, both regular and visitors, so we’ve put a system in place to handle things more smoothly.

Meet Cat Woman and Her Friends During Comic-Con at The Cat Cafe

Meet Cat Woman and Her Friends During Comic-Con at The Cat Cafe

Many of you took advantage of our Comic-Con special last year, and we’re bringing it back to The Cat Cafe again. We made one change to the special based on customer feedback but it’s pretty much the same.

For $15, you will get half an hour of time with our friendly cats. This is down $5 from last year. You will also receive a food or drink item. And you can make additional purchases of our souvenirs if you choose to do so. This is something we changed, because many of our visitors left without a souvenir since they already had so many!

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We will limit the amount of people who will be in the cat playpen to 15. We’re doing this to make sure the cats don’t get overwhelmed by the number of people they see. We’re also going to give them a 15 minute break after every 30 minute session. This way, they’ll be much more interactive than if we had people constantly coming through the playpen.

Ensure that you can escape the crowds of Comic-Con by booking your spot today. If you show up and there are spots available, we’ll sell them to you. However, last year, many of our sessions sold out. Avoid disappointment and make sure you book your session today!

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