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Two Cats Bring The Cat Cafe Clowder to Ten

We had quite a few adoptions recently at The Cat Cafe, and some of these adoptions were of cats who spent all day in the playpen. They only went into the retreat to eat, drink, and use the litter box. These cats preferred to spend their time interacting with our customers. And with the Labor Day holiday, it made it more difficult to get cats in to take their place.

But our partner, San Diego Humane Society, worked with us to get animals in. And that is why today we can introduce you to two new cats. These two bring the clowder at The Cat Cafe to ten. It’s a couple fewer than our maximum capacity, but it should mean that there will be quite a few cats in the playpen.

Meet Princess Candy Corn at The Cat Cafe

Princess Candy Corn

Princess Candy Corn has a long name, and an interesting story. She’s an orange cat, which makes her a little unusual. About three out of four orange cats are male, so having an orange cat that’s female is fun.

Princess Candy Corn is five years old, and she weighs in at ten pounds. She takes a while to warm up to people, so make sure you approach her slowly or let her come to you. When she decides she likes you, you’ll be rewarded with lots of loving head bonks and sweet little meows.

Meet Aloha at The Cat Cafe


The other cat to join the clowder at The Cat Cafe is Aloha. His name means both hello and good bye in Hawaiian, and it’s fitting. He likes to interact with people, but when he’s done, he will tell you good bye. Just like with any cat, when he does this, it’s best to give him the space and time he wants and try to interact with him later.

Aloha is a big boy! He’s three years old and he weighs 17.7 pounds. And unlike some cats who weigh that much, he’s not overweight. He’s just big and you can tell if you take a look at his paws, which are very big for a cat.

Come say hello to the two newest members of the clowder here at The Cat Cafe. And you can always spend time with some of your favorite long time residents.

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