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Two Cats Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

As our partnership with San Diego Humane Society continues to evolve, you will notice some changes at The Cat Cafe. Many of them are behind the scenes changes which customers won’t notice. One thing that you will notice when you visit us here is that we are going to focus more on the number of social cats who spend their time in the playpen. The total number of cats we have in will become less of a focus.

We believe this will make it a more enjoyable experience for our customers. For example, if we have a dozen cats here, but six of them spend most of their time in the retreat, we only have six cats who interact with customers. However, if we have eight cats in but all of them interact with customers, that’s better for everyone.

We believe this will lead a better experience for customers and it will result in getting more cats adopted. Cats who spend their time in the playpen here at The Cat Cafe are much more likely to find their forever homes. That’s a big focus for us.

With that in mind, that is why we had a few cats leave us for other adoption facilities and a couple join us who are much more sociable. We’re going to introduce you to Cora and Noah, who are brother and sister. Both of these cats came to us when the person they were living with died, and their next of kin were not able to care for the cats.

Meet Cora at The Cat Cafe


Cora didn’t take any time to decide that she wanted to spend her time out in the cat playpen. She’s a two year old dilute tortie, who’s a little bigger than she should be. When she is adopted, she will need to go to a home that will help her lose a little weight. But until then, you can see Cora investigating the playpen. She also enjoys hanging out in the Urban Feline cradle.

Meet Noah at The Cat Cafe


Her brother Noah is still figuring out things, so you won’t see him as much. We’ve seen him investigating the playpen and stretching out. He generally does this before we open at The Cat Cafe and after hours. We’re working on coaxing him to spend more time in the playpen. When he does, we’re sure this three year old, 13 pound boy is going to get a lot of attention.

We hope you understand the changes we’ve made here at The Cat Cafe. Come on in to enjoy spending time with Cora, Nora, and the rest of the clowder!

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