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Two Ginger Boys Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

The kinds of cats we get here at The Cat Cafe seems to come in different waves. For a while, we’ll have a lot of black cats. Then we’ll have a lot of gray cats. And then we’ll have a bunch of brown tabbies. It looks like now is the time for us to have a lot of orange cats. With big Micho being here for a while, and Princess Candy Corn already representing the gingers, we added a couple of new orange tabbies to our clowder.

Our two latest cats arrived at San Diego Humane Society after being transferred in from Department of Animal Services. We don’t think they enjoyed their initial experience with San Diego Humane Society, because they got neutered upon their arrival there. But we’ll do our best to make sure they have a more enjoyable experience here at The Cat Cafe.

Say hello to Dean and Deluca. What a fitting name for a bonded pair, don’t you think? And when you see them, you’ll agree that they are definitely cats that belong together. Both of these boys are around 18 months of age and they weigh in at 8.5 pounds. They’re both friendly cats and we’re really happy to have them here in the clowder at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Dean at The Cat Cafe


Dean is the more shy and lighter one of the two brothers. He’s been a little cautious since arriving here, and hasn’t been out and about in the playpen like his brother. But when you do interact with him, he’s very sweet. We needed to move him so that we could clean when he arrived, and he curled up in a little ball in our arms, purring the whole time!

Meet Deluca at The Cat Cafe


Deluca has been more interactive and inquisitive since arriving. He’s out exploring the playpen, and he actively solicits attention from customers and staff. And when he’s in the mood, you’ll hear a sweet little meow from him.

Come on in, meet our newest kitties, and say hello to some of your old friends here at The Cat Cafe.


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