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Two House Panthers Go to Their Forever Home

With Janis, Wexler, and Larson all going home the same day, it was a good thing that our partners at the San Diego Humane Society brought in some new cats. My plan was to introduce you to them over the next few days. Well, that plan went right out the window when two of them were adopted just one day after they arrived!

Even better, the two cats who were adopted were black cats! There’s a stigma that many people hold against black cats, and it leads to them being the last cats to be adopted. Fortunately for us and for the cats who went home today, customers at The Cat Cafe don’t hold that view.

Breanne is a long haired black cat who was surrendered because her energy level was supposedly too high. That’s something I just didn’t agree with. She was playful, inquisitive, and friendly but overly energetic? Maybe it’s because I share a home with three bengal cats, but that just wasn’t something I saw.

Breanne Goes to Her New Home

Breanne Goes to Her New Home

It was love at first sight for the woman who adopted Breanne. She came in during the afternoon, and said she wanted to take her home. After we closed, she came back and adopted Breanne.

We also had our first staff adoption today. The second Nannete came in, one of our team said she had found the cat she wanted to adopt. I asked her if she was sure, because she said the same thing about Wexler when he got in, and she said yes. I reminded her that if she fell in love with all the cats, there was no way I was letting her take them all home so she better be sure, and she said she was.

Nannete Only Stayed at The Cat Cafe for a Day

Nannete Only Stayed at The Cat Cafe for a Day

She thought about it overnight, and this morning said she was sure she wanted to adopt Nannete. We did the paperwork, and it was a little strange sitting across the table from an employee, going over the adoption contract. But I’m glad to have done it, because I know Nannete is going to a great home.

The Cat Cafe only got adoptable cats in on January 2. So far, we have found homes for six cats. I’m so glad we can do this and look forward to sending lots more cats to good homes, even if it’s a bittersweet moment for me.

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