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Two Kittens Arrive at The Cat Cafe

Generally, we get adult cats at The Cat Cafe. San Diego Humane Society tends to do well placing kittens, so we generally get adult cats, who are a little more difficult to place. People tend to snap up kittens right away and so they don’t stay at San Diego Humane Society for long enough for them to be brought to The Cat Cafe.

That’s why we might have one or two kittens in on an occasional basis but why we generally have mostly adult cats. It’s definitely very unusual for us to have three kittens running around our playpen — in fact, it’s likely this is the first time it’s happened!

We heard from San Diego Humane Society that for some reason, a lot of five month old kittens have been surrendered. And we’ve got three of those five month old kittens here at The Cat Cafe.

In addition to Moose, who you learned about previously, two five month old brothers arrived yesterday.

Meet Boots at The Cat Cafe


Boots is a cat whose name definitely fits. His front paws have what our contact at San Diego Humane Society said is a French manicure. And on his hind paws, he has full boots. Combine that with a white triangle on his chest that turns into a stripe that goes down his belly to his tail, and you have a very striking cat. He’s kind of a reverse Pepe Le Pew, only he smells a lot better.

Meet Otis at The Cat Cafe


His brother Otis is all black. That means he’s likely to go without a home for the longest, and that’s really a shame. As we’ve posted before, instead of being afraid when a black cat crosses your path, you should pet it!

Both of these guys are playful and fun kittens who would be wonderful additions to your home. They can go separately, but wouldn’t it be fun to take the two brothers home with you?

And before you ask, yes, you can adopt black cats around Halloween. There haven’t been any documented cases of black cats being abused in the San Diego area in a long time, and the screening process we do during adoptions is a big reason for that.

Come on in to meet Otis, Boots, and the rest of our adoptable cats at The Cat Cafe.

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