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Two New Cats Join The Cat Cafe

Last week, we said good bye to long term resident Olivia as she went to her forever home. She definitely enjoyed her time here at The Cat Cafe and hopefully, she’ll have as much fun hopping to the top of cabinets and other high places as she did here with the Eiffel Tower replica.

Twin was not here as long, but we also said good bye to her as she went to her forever home. She was adopted by someone who was missing their cat, who they recently lost, and who was so taken by how Twin looked and acted like the cat they lost that they had to adopt her right away.

When we bid cats farewell like we did Olivia and Twin, we bring new cats in. And that is what we did with two really cool boys, Jackson and Gray Baby.

Meet Jackson at The Cat Cafe


Jackson is a young guy, at a year and three months. He was found by a kind person who brought him in so that he could be cared for. Initially, Jackson was very shy and didn’t like being around people. But after lots of love and of course, being fed, he learned to trust people. Jackson now likes interacting with people, which is why you will find him actively soliciting attention from people in The Cat Cafe. He’s a great example of how a little love and patience can go a long way.

Meet Gray Baby at The Cat Cafe

Gray Baby

Gray Baby is a little older, at two years. He’s definitely not a shy one. He arrived at The Cat Cafe after being transferred in to San Diego Humane Society and then being at another facility. He didn’t like the cages there, so they decided that he might do better in the cage free environment we have here at The Cat Cafe. Gray Baby can be a little feisty, so it’s best to use a little caution when interacting with him. Wand toys are best if you want to be safe.

It’s always fun for us here at The Cat Cafe to both send cats to good home and to welcome new arrivals. Come on in and see these guys and the rest of our clowder.

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