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Two Pairs of Siblings Join The Cat Cafe

At The Cat Cafe, we’ve had a lot of luck adopting siblings out. We sent two bonded pairs of cats, Hoodo and Maru as well as Mango and Pineapple, home recently.

Because of this, San Diego Humane Society likes to send us siblings, some bonded, some not. And among the cats to arrive at The Cat Cafe in the past few days are two pairs of siblings.

The first pair of siblings that came in were two senior cats, Coco and Oreo. They’re both ten years old, and they are very social. They were roaming around in the playpen on the same day that they arrived.

Meet Coco at The Cat Cafe


Coco arrived at San Diego Humane Society because of a move to a place where cats are not allowed. She’s a little more engaging and active than her brother Oreo, who you will meet in a moment. At one point, she was an indoor/outdoor cat but because of her age, it’s recommended that she be an indoor only cat.

Meet Oreo at The Cat Cafe


Oreo is a little more reserved than Coco, but he’s also a friendly and engaging cat. You might have to listen to him complain a little bit until he gets to know you, but even when he’s complaining, he’s happy to receive friendly pets.

These ten year old cats have been together all their lives and they must go home together.

Meet Max at The Cat Cafe


The next group of siblings that recently arrived at The Cat Cafe is a pair of brothers. Their names are Clyde and Max. Max is the more interactive of the two, and he is a little smaller, weighing 8.6 pounds. He’s a fun cat, and at six, he’s going to be a long time companion for the right family!

Meet Clyde at The Cat Cafe


Clyde is a little bigger than his brother, and he’s a little more quiet. He’s 10.5 pounds, and the way you can tell the two of them apart is because Clyde has a little white spot on his nose. Like his brother, he is six years old. It’s a lot of fun to watch these two brothers interact.

But maybe a pair of siblings isn’t for you. A few single cats arrived at The Cat Cafe recently,

Meet Jade at The Cat Cafe


The first one we will introduce you to is named Jade. We don’t have too much information on her because she came in when a kind person picked her up as a stray. She was transferred in from San Diego Department of Animal Services because she needed a good teeth cleaning. She’s estimated to be five years old, and she’s around nine pounds.

Meet Oliver at The Cat Cafe


Like brown tabbies but want a boy? Well, at The Cat Cafe, we’ve got a handsome and loving boy named Oliver for you to meet. Oliver is a fun cat, and he’s a big boy, weighing close to 15 pounds. Don’t worry, though, this five year old cat is still nimble and agile, and he likes to hop onto the shelves in both the playpen and the retreat.

Meet Primrose at The Cat Cafe


Some people like feisty cats. If that’s you, then you need to meet Primrose at The Cat Cafe. She’s not shy about letting both people and cats know her boundaries and she will growl at you to tell you to back off. But if you give her time and space and get to know her on her terms, this eight year old, 12 pound girl can be a lot of fun. It’s very rewarding to win her trust because it’s hard to get!

Come on by The Cat Cafe, enjoy a locally roasted coffee or espresso drink, and meet these new kitties as well as some of our longer term residents.

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