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Two Pairs of Sisters Join The Cat Cafe

On Clear The Shelters day, we sent three cats to their forever homes. Then we had a long distance adoption, where one of our cats went to Pennsylvania. And Earl got adopted as well.

That brought the number of cats at The Cat Cafe down to seven. San Diego Humane Society worked hard to find us cats that would work well in our environment, and they did a great job.

Meet Lucy at The Cat Cafe


First, The Cat Cafe received Lucy and Ethel. These names are fitting because Lucy and Ethel were so similar in the show I Love Lucy. And that is true for our pair of sisters. Both Lucy and Ethel are house panthers, which is what we call black cats at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Ethel at The Cat Cafe


They also are similar in appearance. It’s tough to tell the two of them apart, but fortunately, they arrived in the summer. During the summer, Ethel tends to overgroom herself. She’s been seen by vets multiple times for this, and they’ve found nothing wrong with her. So we just have to get used to seeing Ethel with the lion cut she gave herself.

The second set of sisters, Samantha and Chloe, arrived the next day. These two are brown tabbies with white feet. They are a bonded pair, which means they cannot be separated for any reason.

Meet Samantha at The Cat Cafe


Samantha is a little more outgoing and she’s a little more svelte than her sister. She started interacting with customers at The Cat Cafe on her first day with us. She’s got an adorable little meow which she uses to solicit attention.

Meet Chloe at The Cat Cafe


Chloe is a little more shy and she’s a bigger cat. Like Samantha, she is an inquisitive cat, who likes attention and loves to return affection. You’ll have to approach her more slowly, but when she feels comfortable with you, she loves to head butt your hand.

Come on by and see the new arrivals at The Cat Cafe. We have 11 cats who are waiting to meet you!


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