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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

two-steps-forward-one-step-backThat is what is going on here at The Cat Cafe. We make progress, but during the process, we uncover something that needs to be fixed. I am constantly having to remind myself that two steps forward, one step back is still moving forward.

Here’s the latest on what happened. The building inspector came over to look at what we had done with the framing. He liked what we had done, and while he found one minor flaw, he said that it was something that could be corrected quickly so he wasn’t too concerned with it.

This issue has been addressed and we’re ready to bring the inspector back to look.

These Walls and Windows at The Cat Cafe Are Code Compliant

Walls and Windows at The Cat Cafe Are Code Compliant

Then he started looking around and found some issues that needed to be fixed. First, he noted that there wasn’t enough clearance for the toilet to be ADA compliant. Not a problem, we said. We’ll fix that for you. But then we opened up the wall and found a mess. That resulted in us having to open do this to expose the problem and fix it.

Construction Work At The Cat Cafe

Construction Work At The Cat Cafe

Yet another challenge in getting The Cat Cafe open. Now a plumber has to come in to fix the pipes, and then we need to pour cement over it. Then after that, we need to put in a code compliant wall. That’s not really an issue, and the people working on the build out of The Cat Cafe can do it quickly and easily once the concrete dries. But we need to wait for it to dry.

Why do we need to make sure it’s a code compliant wall? Because The Cat Cafe will not open with walls made of wood like this.

The Cat Cafe Will Not Open With Wood Like This

The Cat Cafe Will Not Open With Wood Like This

You don’t have to be a construction expert to know that wood is not suitable for anything, much less holding up a wall.

I will get The Cat Cafe open, but I will do it the right way.

I appreciate all the kind words and thoughts, and your continued patience. I promise you that when we are open, it will all be worth it.

If you have any questions, please email or call.

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