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What Does the Number 52 Mean?

The number 52 isn’t necessarily a special one. It’s not a round number, like 10, 25, 50, or 100. It’s not considered a lucky number or an unlucky one. And if you’re a math geek, it’s not a prime number or special for any other reason.

The Cat Cafe Celebrates 52 Adoptions

The Cat Cafe Celebrates 52 Adoptions

But there are 52 weeks in a year. And when we first opened up The Cat Cafe, we were hoping to adopt out one cat per week. That would mean we adopted 52 cats out over the course of the year.

Well, we definitely exceeded our expectations and our goals when it comes to cat adoptions. We’re not at the end of June yet, and we have adopted out 52 cats. We cheated a little on the 52nd cat adoption, because it went to one of employees. But we figure that’s okay, because we sent a couple of kitties to San Diego Humane Society who later got adopted there after spending some time with us.

Our 52nd adoption is definitely something we’re very proud of here at The Cat Cafe. Hitting our annual goal with more than half the year left is awesome. But we are not going to stop trying to send cats to good homes.

And a lot of thanks goes to those of you who have supported us. Whether you’re one of the 52 who adopted a cat or you’ve come in for the coffee and kitties, you’ve helped make this possible.

Soon, there will be more cats from San Diego Humane Society for you to fall in love with and hopefully adopt. And we will definitely introduce you to these cats when they arrive. We are also thinking about potentially increasing the number of cats we have in the playpen.

We’ll keep you posted on all of these things but we definitely are celebrating meeting our annual goal for adoptions at The Cat Cafe way before December 31!

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