The Cat Cafe Raises $410 for The Rescue House In February

February may only have 28 days, but it was a busy month for us at The Cat Cafe. And our visitors were generous, which is why we were able to send $410 to The Rescue House. This money will help The Rescue House continue their mission of helping cats find good homes.

In addition to raising these funds, nine members of The Cat Cafe clowder found good homes. We’ll miss Callie, Milkweed, Monarch, Mike, Mitch, Feather, Stripes, Cannoli and Strudel. But we’re glad they left The Cat Cafe for good homes.

Meet Leo at The Cat Cafe

With so many cats going home, we’ve got a lot of new cats to introduce you to. We’ll start off with Leo. Leo is an eight year old bengal cat with a sad story. When his people moved, they left him behind in the home. Fortunately for Leo, one of the workers in the home discovered him and took him to San Diego Humane Society. Because we have a good relationship with our former partner and they know we do well with bengals, they contacted us and Leo made his way to The Cat Cafe.

Leo also has a heart murmur that may need treatment. He’s still understandably upset over being left behind, so we’re not ready to send him home yet. And there’s a vet clinic that’s interested in potentially making him the clinic cat.

Meet Cheyne at The Cat Cafe

If you take a look at five year old Cheyne (pronounced Shane, like the classic Western), you might think you’re looking at Tito. You can tell them apart because Cheyne has lighter fur and all white whiskers. Cheyne’s people weren’t able to keep him after a move. They contacted The Rescue House for help, and after a vet visit, Cheyne made his way to The Cat Cafe. He’s a friendly guy, and he’s smart. He knows how to open doors.

Meet Norman at The Cat Cafe

It’s becoming ginger time at The Cat Cafe, with Norman the third ginger in our clowder. When you watch him play, you’ll think he’s a kitten. But he’s actually not, because he’s six years old. Norman will run around chasing toys until he wears himself out, and then he’ll find a place to sleep. But even when he’s sleeping, he’s entertaining, because he sleeps in interesting positions.

Meet Scrappy at The Cat Cafe

Finally, there’s Scrappy. His name definitely fits him, because he’s a scrappy cat. This five year old boy is playful, but he forgets that people’s hands aren’t toys. He doesn’t bite hard or use his claws when he grabs your hand. But if you want to be extra safe, use a wand toy with Scrappy.

We look forward to introducing you to the new members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe and showing you what some longer term residents are up to.

Meet The Latest Members of The Cat Cafe Clowder

We’ve had a lot of adoptions recently at The Cat Cafe. Some of the adoptions took place so quickly we didn’t even have a chance to introduce you to the cat before they went home. The Rescue House got busy finding new cats to bring to us after we sent so many cats home. This means we’ve got a bunch of cats to introduce you to.

Meet Cadu at The Cat Cafe

The first cat we’ll introduce you to is Cadu. You’ll often find him on the top of the Urban Feline Caribbean palm. This two year old boy likes his people, and will give head bonks and flop over when he starts to like you. He’s more cautious around other cats, but we think he’ll start to like them too when he gets more used to them.

Meet Sombrera at The Cat Cafe

Sombrera is the next new member of The Cat Cafe clowder that we’ll introduce you to. She’s cautious, and you might not see her because she does spend a good amount of time in the retreat. But when you do, it’s a treat. She will wrap herself around your legs if she likes you. And if you’re sitting, this two year old girl may find her way into your lap.

Meet Rey at The Cat Cafe

Rey came from the same foster home as Cadu and Sombrera. He’s about a year old, and he’s a big fan of wand toys. Get Rey going, and he’ll pounce on the toys and even do back flips in the air to get to them. Once he’s done playing, he likes to find a calm place to sleep. But even when he’s sleeping, he enjoys being pet.

Meet Strudel at The Cat Cafe

The next member of The Cat Cafe Clowder we’ll introduce you to is Strudel. She came in with her brother Cannoli, who got adopted before we had a chance to introduce you to him. She’s a calmer cat, but this one year old girl enjoys being pet. And she’s got fur that’s so soft and enjoyable to pet.

Meet Tito at The Cat Cafe

The biggest new member of the clowder is Tito. He’s about three years old, and he’s carrying more weight than he should. He doesn’t let that slow him down, though, and he’s often finding his way into high spots. Whoever adopts him is going to have to help him slim down so that he can get to those high spots more easily.

We hope you come to visit the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe and to say hello to those cats who have been around longer soon!

The Cat Cafe Sends Seven Cats Home in January 2019

It was a busy first month of 2019 here at The Cat Cafe. We sent six cats home, including two bonded pairs. One of the bonded pairs that went home were our long term residents Alexis and Anthony. We’re going to miss them, but we’re glad that they found a home of their own, especially since Alexis is a cautious cat.

In addition to Alexis and Anthony, we also sent the bonded pair of J Lo and Kanye home. We also sent single cats Sarge, Sousa and Jamie home.

Our customers were generous in January not just with their homes, but with their wallets. Visitors to The Cat Cafe contributed $421 to The Rescue House. This will help them find homes for more cats.

With so many cats leaving, we brought new ones in. So it’s time to introduce you to the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe. You won’t be surprised to learn there are some bonded pairs there.

Mike and Mitch had a rough start to their lives. Theses one year old brothers got eye infections as kittens, and that meant that the shelter they were living in considered them candidates for euthanasia. Fortunately for them, The Rescue House pulled them and gave them a chance to thrive.

Meet Mike at The Cat Cafe

Mike makes all sorts of interesting noises. He’s the more outgoing of the two brothers. He loves to relax in the cat tree by the window and look outside. And his purr is loud and he’s happy to start doing it for you.

Meet Mitch at The Cat Cafe

Mitch is a goofier cat than his brother. And one of the things he likes to do is get up high. Unfortunately for him, he can’t quite figure out how to get down from the top of the nine foot tall Urban Feline palm, which means we have to make like firefighters and get him down.

The next bonded pair we have are two one year old sisters, Milkweed and Monarch. They were also pulled from a shelter by The Rescue House before they made their way to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Milkweed at The Cat Cafe

If Milkweed is around you, you will definitely know it. She likes to talk. A lot. And because she is deaf, she talks very loudly. She’s a very active cat, and other than Jacey, she’s the only cat who likes the cat wheel.

Meet Monarch at The Cat Cafe

Monarch is the quieter and more shy of the two sisters, but she’s playful as well. She does tend to walk or run away if she’s approached by people when she’s on the ground. But once she finds a comfortable spot, she loves interaction. Visitors to The Cat Cafe have learned that using a wand toy to get her to play is a good way to interact with Monarch.

Meet Stripes at The Cat Cafe

The last cat to join our clowder is Stripes, who is two years old. We love to call this guy our chonker, because he’s heavier than he should be. He’s surprisingly not all that food motivated for a big guy. We think he just needs to get a little more active and then he’ll drop the pound or two he needs to.

Come on by and meet the latest members of The Cat Cafe and say hello to your favorites who have been around longer.

The Cat Cafe Sends Three Cats Home in December

In December, The Cat Cafe sent three cats home. Celia, Pinto, and Rocket all found homes with customers who decided they found the right cat after meeting these felines. We had a lot of fun with these cats, and we’ll of course miss seeing them running around the playpen. But we’re glad we were able to send them home.

Thanks to the generosity of our customers, we were also able to give The Rescue House $365 to continue their mission of find homes for cats. These funds will help cover food and medical expenses for some of the cats The Rescue House cares for.

With cats going home, of course that means new cats have arrived. We previously introduced you to Frankie, Fergus, Sarge, Jamie, and Sousa. In the few days that have past since we introduced you to these cats, three of them have gone home! We of course are going to miss them, but that means we have new cats for you to enjoy.

Cricket is the Newest Member of the Clowder at The Cat Cafe
Cricket is the Newest Member of the Clowder at The Cat Cafe

The newest arrival to the clowder at The Cat Cafe is Cricket. She’s a smart and active girl, and because this one year old is a tortie, she’s got tortitude. Affection is always on a cat’s terms, but with torties, it’s even more so.

Cricket was being cared for by a kind person who takes care of a feral colony. When she got sick, they contacted The Rescue House and Cricket got the care she needed to recover. Now she’s a happy and playful cat who loves to give head bonks and purrs to people she likes. And it doesn’t take much to get her to like you.

Cricket is a little skittish when she’s approached if she’s on the ground. But if she’s a little higher up, she loves being pet and will reward you with purrs.

Come on by and say hello to Cricket and the rest of the clowder at The Cat Cafe.

Meet the Five New Cats in Our Clowder

It’s been a while since we introduced you to cats joining The Cat Cafe clowder. Let’s do that.

First up are a pair of ginger brothers who are about a year old, Fergus and Frankie. These two boys were trying to fend for themselves in Calexico, and they weren’t doing well. So when The Rescue House learned about them, they took the two brothers in.

Fergus Relaxing in the Playpen

Fergus is the darker of the two, and he’s a little more cautious. But when he starts to trust you, he will hop on your chest and start to purr. As soon as he’s done, though, if you reach down to pet him, he’ll trot away with his tail up in the air. You’ll have to decide for yourself if he’s actually angry or if he’s playing a game with you.

Frankie Loafing at The Cat Cafe

His brother Frankie is a little lighter, and he’s more outgoing. He definitely likes to get people to follow him to his favorite spots, and he’ll head bonk you and lead you there. You can often find Frankie relaxing in The Cat Cafe by the window.

Sarge Stretching it Out at The Cat Cafe
Sarge Stretching it Out at The Cat Cafe

For a long time, we didn’t have a lot of fluff in The Cat Cafe. But that changed when Daniel and Hennrick joined us. And now, five year old Sarge is taking the fluff factor up even more. He’s not the most active cat, but he’s friendly and enjoys being pet. He also accepted the hisses and growls on his arrival without getting too annoyed.

Sousa Relaxing at The Cat Cafe
Sousa Relaxing at The Cat Cafe

We’ve had a few young mothers in our clowder at The Cat Cafe. Sousa is the latest one. A bad kitty cold meant she and her kittens went to the euthanasia list. But The Rescue House was able to pull them and give them a chance to thrive. Sousa saw her kittens get adopted, and now she’s ready for a home of her own. She’s very inquisitive, and likes being pet by virtually anyone.

Jamie Enjoying the Playpen at The Cat Cafe
Jamie Enjoying the Playpen at The Cat Cafe

The final cat we’ll introduce you to is Jamie. He’s about a year old, and he joins two other black cats in the clowder. Jamie is a little stockier than both Lotus and Vicki, though, and he can definitely see. He’s also a cat who likes to comfort other felines, and when he senses they aren’t feeling well, he’ll give them a hug. Because he loves other cats, he has to go to a home where there’s already one living.

Come on by and meet the latest additions to The Cat Cafe clowder or say hi to some cats who have been with us a little longer.

The Cat Cafe Raises $309 For the Rescue House in November

November was a busy month for us at The Cat Cafe. We had a few large conventions come in, which makes things busy. In addition, we had the Thanksgiving holiday.

That allowed us to raise $309 for The Rescue House from our customers. We want to thank them for their generosity. These contributions go to help The Rescue House cover expenses like food, vet fees, and other supplies. Because we have generous customers at The Cat Cafe, they’re able to help more cats.

We also sent one cat home in November. Some people might be concerned that we’re seeing a lower number of cat adoptions. We’re not. Remember, we have a number of bonded pairs available for adoptions. That means we need an adopter who is willing to take in two cats.

We also have a number of black cats, and some special needs cats living with us at The Cat Cafe. Sadly, because of outdated superstitions, black colored cats take longer to get adopted. And it’s even more difficult with special needs cats.

That’s okay, though. We’ll make sure these cats enjoy their time at The Cat Cafe for as long as it takes. We want to make sure they find the right now, not just any home.

Sunny Goes Home
Sunny Goes Home

It took a while for our November adoption, Sunny, to find the right home. He was playful and friendly, but his obsession with people food made it difficult to find a home for him. Finally, the right person came by and decided to work with Sunny’s food issue. We’re glad it finally happened, but we do miss him.

And we’ll be very happy when the cats we have in right now at The Cat Cafe get adopted. But until then, we’ll enjoy their company and you can, too!

The Cat Cafe Raises $380 For The Rescue House in October

One of the things we enjoy the most is seeing the generosity of our customers as they donate additional funds to help The Rescue House continue their mission of helping cats find homes. In October, visitors donated $380 to The Rescue House. When you add that to the $344 they contributed in September, that’s nearly $750 in two months.

If you’re wondering how this helps, one of the things your contributions help fund is the feeding of the cats at The Cat Cafe. The Rescue House only feeds its cats high quality food. At The Cat Cafe, we go through eight cans of wet food and two pounds of dry food every day. So your contributions literally go to feeding the kitties.

We also sent one cat home in October, Sierra. Like many of our cats who get adopted, her adopter wasn’t planning on taking a cat home. But Sierra had different plans, and when she chose her adopter, he felt like he had no choice.

As cats go home, we bring new cats in. We’d like to introduce you to the two newest members of the clowder. They’re a brother and sister who came from a litter of kittens named after beans. Meet Pinto and Rocket. They’re both going on a year.

Meet Pinto at The Cat Cafe

Pinto is smaller than her brother. When the cats initially arrived, we thought they were both boys and we wondered why Pinto was so much smaller. Once we learned Pinto is a girl, it all made sense. Her small size means that she can be a little feisty with other cats. She’s not aggressive about it. Pinto just lets them know not to mess with her. But she’s very friendly with people, and right after she hisses at another cat to tell them to back off, she’ll accept pets and start to purr.

Meet Rocket at The Cat Cafe

Rocket is aptly named. You’ll see him rocketing around the playpen when he’s playing. And when he sees a toy he likes, he will launch himself at it like a rocket. But don’t worry, when he’s not chasing things around, he’s happy to sit by you and accept pets. He even likes hopping into laps and purring.

Come on by and meet the new arrivals to The Cat Cafe and say hi to some of your favorites who have been around a while. We look forward to seeing you!

Six New Cats Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

We’ve had a lot of adoptions recently, which means we’ve had a lot of new cats join the clowder at The Cat Cafe. We’d like to introduce you to them.

The first two cats we’ll introduce you to were adopted from The Rescue House. Things didn’t work out, and they went back. Soon, they joined us at The Cat Cafe.

Hockey fans will recognize the name of these two brothers, Daniel and Hennrick. They’re seven years old, and like the Sedin twins, they have to go to play in the same home. No, you don’t have to take them to Vancouver, but they do need to go to the same home.

Meet Daniel at The Cat Cafe

Daniel is the long haired one. Generally, long haired cats shed a lot. Not Daniel. When he arrived at The Cat Cafe, we figured we’d have to brush him a lot. But when we did, we got absolutely no fur. We get more fur off our short haired cats!

Meet Hennrick at The Cat Cafe

Hennrick looks more like a cow cat than his brother, and he’s a short haired cat. He’s also a little more playful and active than his brother. And he also doesn’t shed much.

Meet Celia at The Cat Cafe

Celia has dealt with a lot in her first year. She gave birth to a litter of kittens, and it was a challenge raising them while living outside. Fortunately for her, The Rescue House took her in, and helped her. She raised her kittens and watched them go home. Now, Celia’s hoping to find a home of her own.

Meet Sierra at The Cat Cafe

Sierra is also about a year old, and she raised a litter of kittens as well. She’s a more reserved and calm cat, but she absolutely loves interacting with people. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to that this calico has a feisty personality. The other cats in the clowder at The Cat Cafe have learned to give her space.

The last two cats to join The Cat Cafe clowder are J. Lo and Kanye. These one year old siblings are bonded and they must go home together. Like Daniel and Hennrick, they were adopted but things didn’t work out. After being returned to The Rescue House, they joined us at The Cat Cafe.

Meet J Lo at The Cat Cafe
J. Lo

J. Lo is a little more shy than her brother, but she’s very sweet. Despite her nervousness when she arrived, she purred when we pet her. Hopefully, she’ll show her true personality soon because she’s exploring the playpen cautiously.

Meet Kanye at The Cat Cafe

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Kanye likes to talk. A lot. He didn’t waste any time starting to talk to us and customers at The Cat Cafe. He’ll play with wand toys and he does get the purr motor going when he’s in the mood.

As you can tell, we’ve got a lot of cats for you to meet. We hope to introduce you to the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe soon.

Two New Cats Join The Clowder

With a number of cats getting adopted at The Cat Cafe recently, we’ve had two new cats join us as well as having a couple of cats we’ve had in before return. We’ll introduce you to them.

Meet Elsie at The Cat Cafe

Etsie is a young cat, about six months old. She’s very playful and inquisitive. And if she wants your attention, she’s not shy about letting you know it. You may think she looks a lot like one of the cats we’ve had in before, Elsie. That’s because she’s Elsie’s daughter.

Meet Jack at The Cat Cafe

The second new cat to join us at The Cat Cafe is Jack. This orange and white boy is also a young one, at about eight months. He and Etsie are foster siblings, so if you’re looking for two cats, why not take them home together?

Both Etsie and Jack are pretty much fearless. The two of them were investigating the playpen at The Cat Cafe within minutes of arriving. And it wasn’t because the place was empty. They arrived during one of our Cats on Mats session, and we were fully booked.

We also had two cats return to us. You’ll remember that The Rescue House helped when there was a horrible hoarding situation last year. The people in the home started with two cats, and when those cats had kittens, they were able to give many of them away. But they couldn’t find homes for all of the cats.  They didn’t spay and neuter many of the cats, which caused the population of cats to reach over 100.

Sadly, whether it was because of inbreeding or not being able to get the nutrition they needed, many of the cats were blind. We had four sisters come and join us. Ricochet, who was the group’s seeing eye cat, and Nikki found a home. Lotus and Vicki did as well but their adoption didn’t work out.

Lotus and Vicki at The Cat Cafe
Lotus and Vicki

That’s why Lotus and Vicki are back. They’re older now, and Vicki needs to lose a little weight. But they’re still the same sweet and playful cats as they were when we first had them. And they don’t let being blind slow them down. As we tell visitors to The Cat Cafe, they can’t miss what they never had.

We hope you’ll visit us at The Cat Cafe so you can say hi to these cats in person.

Meet Some Special Needs Cats

Those of you who have been following us know that we’ve placed a number of special needs cats from The Rescue House and San Diego Humane Society. The Cat Cafe has sent several blind cats, deaf cats, one eyed cats, and a three legged cat to good homes. And right now, we’ve got in a bonded pair of blind cats.

But there are some special needs cats that The Rescue House doesn’t bring to The Cat Cafe. These are their cats with FIV. As you may know, FIV is the feline equivalent of HIV. However, unlike with HIV, there is no treatment for FIV. Eventually, the cat’s immune system will become unable to fend off the typical infections an uninfected cat can.

But before this happens, FIV positive cats can live long and healthy lives. And while The Rescue House and many other animal welfare organizations keep FIV positive cats segregated from cats without the disease out of an abundance of caution, it’s unlikely that the disease will spread between cats in a home environment. Just ask, for example, Cole and Marmalade. Or researchers from Purdue University, who found no transmission of FIV from cats with the disease to those without it in a shelter environment.

We wanted to highlight some of the FIV positive cats The Rescue House is caring for, in the hopes that they might get adopted. You won’t find them at The Cat Cafe, but we’re happy to help you learn more about them.

Derby is an FIV+ Cat

Derby is a four year old orange and white long haired cat who defies a lot of the stereotypes about them. People think orange cats are friendly and outgoing, which Derby is. But he’s got a feisty side to him, and if you get him riled up, he’ll give you a nip. He’s also got a raspy meow that he’ll use to tell you everything he’s thinking.

Walter is an FIV+ Cat

If you’re thinking about taking home two FIV positive cats, consider pairing Derby with Walter. This three year old black cat is solid and muscular. But he still loves to try being a lap cat. He’ll surprise you, though, when the talks. Walter, like many of the big cats at The Cat Cafe, has a tiny little meow.

Sabine is an FIV Positive Cat

Finally, there’s Sabine. She’s been through a lot in her three years. She was carrying an undelivered kitten, and this caused health issues that required extensive medical care. Despite all this, Sabine remained a friendly cat. She’s independent after her time on the streets, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love affection!

If you’d like to meet any of these special needs cats, please let us know. We’ll be happy to facilitate the interaction. Hopefully, even though these cats won’t be at The Cat Cafe, we’ll play a part in sending them to good homes.