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Adoptable Cats

During the two years that we partnered with San Diego Humane Society, The Cat Cafe sent 219 cats to good homes. Starting in February 2017, The Cat Cafe began bringing in cats from The Rescue House for customers to interact with and to potentially adopt.

We’ve had kittens, adults, and senior cats adopted from The Cat Cafe. And when it comes to special needs cats, we’ve sent cats home who were missing tails, cats with one eye, blind cats, and cats with other medical conditions.

Generally speaking, most of the cats we have available for adoption are going to be adult cats. However, we’ve had kittens as young as five months in. The oldest cat we’ve sent to a good home was 12 years old.

We generally do not receive any pedigreed cats, because there are many cat rescue groups that focus on these animals. However, The Cat Cafe has adopted various mixes of Persians, Snowshoes, Maine Coons, Siamese, and other breeds.

Thinking about adopting? The best way to do this is to come on in and meet the cats that are available for adoption. You can see what cat has the personality that works best for you and your home. Once you find a cat, you’ll fill out an adoption application and an adoption counselor will follow up with you. After you receive approval to adopt, we’ll set up a time for you to come and complete the adoption process.

We do adoptions after hours because we don’t want to make what is already a stressful situation for the animals even more so by doing it when there are lots of people around. The process takes about half an hour. You’ll sign an adoption contract, go over any medical conditions that the cats may have, and pay the adoption fee.

Then comes the fun part. We take a picture of you taking your cat home, put the cat in the carrier, and you head home with your new four-legged friend.

Please make sure that you prepare your home for the cat before you come in to adopt them, and also make sure you bring a carrier with you. We strongly encourage adopters to get a carrier that opens at the top. In addition, we discourage adopters from using cardboard carriers, as we’ve had cats kick their way out of them.