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Five Felines Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

We had a couple of adopters take home some long term residents of The Cat Cafe. Diva and Jesse went home first. These two stayed with us for a couple of months despite people thinking they’d go home quickly. Then Boo and Herkie, who were among the first cats from The Rescue House, went home. We’re going to miss these guys, but we’re glad they found a good home.

When cats find homes, new cats arrive. And we’re happy to introduce you to the five new members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Daytona at The Cat Cafe


When you see Daytona, you may think he’s hurt. You’ll definitely notice his limp when he walks around. No, this ten month old boy isn’t hurt. He is dealing with his joint issues just fine. You’ll notice his limp more when he walks than when he runs. And when he turns the purr motor on, you’ll completely forget it.

Meet Marigold at The Cat Cafe


Marigold is the smallest of the recent arrivals at The Cat Cafe. Customers often ask if Marigold will grow more. Because she’s 11 months, she’s not likely to grow more. She’s a playful and fun girl and she can be a little mischievous. And that’s why she’s already become a customer favorite.

Meet Ronaldo at The Cat Cafe


After two bonded brothers, Boo and Herkie, went home, we just had to bring in another bonded pair. Marco and Ronaldo are a couple of orange tabbies. These brothers are a little over a year old. They’re friendly, but they’re also a little shy.

Meet Marco at The Cat Cafe


Right now, they spend most of their time in the retreat. We’re working to get them out into the playpen, but they’re not ready for that yet. Give them time, and we’re sure someone’s going to fall in love with these two brothers.

Meet Brittany at The Cat Cafe


Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Brittany to introduce you to. She’s about a year and a half old. And she spent exactly no time in the retreat after we let her out of her carrier. She walked right out into the playpen and started exploring. Brittany loves to be pet, and she came from a home with a two year old and a baby, so she’s okay with respectful young children.

Come on by and meet the five newest members of The Cat Cafe clowder. But don’t wait too long. A number of people have asked about adopting some of these cats. If you wait too long, you may miss out on seeing them! We hope to see you at The Cat Cafe soon to say hello to these new cats and ones who have been around longer.


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