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The Cat Cafe Sends 17 Cats Home in February and March 2020

It’s been a challenging few weeks for us here at The Cat Cafe. We planned for a lot of things when we opened back in January 2015. But we never planned on having to shut down for several weeks due to a virus. Despite this, we still have adoptions to celebrate. And since we didn’t get a chance to write to you about our February adoptions, we’ll highlight them here.

Stryker was adopted at The Cat Cafe

Stryker Going Home

We’re glad that Rochelle, Lexi, Coby, Stryker, Barrel, Goliath, Chance, Ian, Isadora, Ranger, Raylan and Misha went home in February. That’s twelve cats who went to good homes in February 2020. And in March, despite having to close in the middle of the month due to the County of San Diego’s order, we sent home six cats. Adopters took home Reed, Willow, Jack, Parker, Jamaica and Thorin.

In addition, visitors contributed approximately $500 to help The Rescue House continue to find homes for cats.

Right now, we have seven cats staying with us at The Cat Cafe. That number is likely to increase as animals continue to go into shelters and rescue organizations need to continue to help pull animals to make sure there is space available for them. We’ll introduce you to some of them you may not have met.

Rosebud Stretching It Out at The Cat Cafe


Rosebud is a two year old tortie who joined us in The Cat Cafe after two of the kittens she helped raise, Aster and Linnea, found homes. Rosebud was living outside and when there was a kitten explosion on the property, a local organization engaged in a TNR operation. However, some of the mothers were taken away from their kittens inadvertently. Rosebud stepped up with one other cat to raise many kittens. Now that her kitten raising days are over, you can find Rosebud running around the playpen in The Cat Cafe. She’s playful and energetic, and even gives the two resident Bengal cats a run for their money.

Meet Bruiser at The Cat Cafe


Then there’s Bruiser. He’s a more calm and mellow cat who’s seven years old. Bruiser is a big boy, weighing in at 18 plus pounds. He probably needs to lose a little weight, but that’s something whoever adopts him can take care of. Bruiser loves chin scratches and relaxing in his favorite spot. It’s a lot of fun when he takes one of his laps around the playpen because he always looks like he’s guilty of something when he does it.

Thank you for supporting us during this difficult time. We look forward to welcoming you back to The Cat Cafe so you can meet our cats in person when we’re allowed to do so.

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