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Two New Cats Join The Clowder

With a number of cats getting adopted at The Cat Cafe recently, we’ve had two new cats join us as well as having a couple of cats we’ve had in before return. We’ll introduce you to them.

Meet Elsie at The Cat Cafe


Etsie is a young cat, about six months old. She’s very playful and inquisitive. And if she wants your attention, she’s not shy about letting you know it. You may think she looks a lot like one of the cats we’ve had in before, Elsie. That’s because she’s Elsie’s daughter.

Meet Jack at The Cat Cafe


The second new cat to join us at The Cat Cafe is Jack. This orange and white boy is also a young one, at about eight months. He and Etsie are foster siblings, so if you’re looking for two cats, why not take them home together?

Both Etsie and Jack are pretty much fearless. The two of them were investigating the playpen at The Cat Cafe within minutes of arriving. And it wasn’t because the place was empty. They arrived during one of our Cats on Mats session, and we were fully booked.

We also had two cats return to us. You’ll remember that The Rescue House helped when there was a horrible hoarding situation last year. The people in the home started with two cats, and when those cats had kittens, they were able to give many of them away. But they couldn’t find homes for all of the cats.  They didn’t spay and neuter many of the cats, which caused the population of cats to reach over 100.

Sadly, whether it was because of inbreeding or not being able to get the nutrition they needed, many of the cats were blind. We had four sisters come and join us. Ricochet, who was the group’s seeing eye cat, and Nikki found a home. Lotus and Vicki did as well but their adoption didn’t work out.

Lotus and Vicki at The Cat Cafe

Lotus and Vicki

That’s why Lotus and Vicki are back. They’re older now, and Vicki needs to lose a little weight. But they’re still the same sweet and playful cats as they were when we first had them. And they don’t let being blind slow them down. As we tell visitors to The Cat Cafe, they can’t miss what they never had.

We hope you’ll visit us at The Cat Cafe so you can say hi to these cats in person.

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