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The Cat Cafe Adopts Out Two Senior Bengals

Since The Cat Cafe opened in January 2015, we’ve completed 235 adoptions. We enjoy all of these, but some of them are special because of the cats who get adopted. As you know, it’s difficult to adopt out senior cats. Even fewer people want to adopt a bonded pair. Then when a bonded pair are a breed that requires extra attention, it’s tougher still.

Which is why we’re very happy about the latest pair of cats adopted from The Cat Cafe. Gizmo and Iris are a pair of 15 year old bengal cats. They started at Coronado Animal Control, and then made their way to PAWS of Coronado. PAWS of Coronado knew we had experience with bengal cats, and they contacted us to see if we could help.

We checked with The Rescue House to make sure they would be okay with us taking in a couple of senior bengals. When they said yes, we told PAWS of Coronado to bring the bengals to us. We wanted to get these cats to a rescue group specializing in bengal cats. They would be safe with us until that happened.

Gizmo arrived first. He quickly jumped out of the carrier and started exploring The Cat Cafe. He growled at any cat who came too close to him, but it wasn’t aggressive. As soon as they backed away, he stopped. Gizmo quickly became a favorite of both customers and staff. He enjoyed hopping on people’s laps and climbing on their shoulders.

About a week later, Iris joined us. Initially grouchy because of a recently completed dental, Iris quickly warmed up. Soon, she was like her brother, hopping people’s laps and soliciting attention.

When no bengal rescue group stepped up to take in Gizmo and Iris, we decided that if the right person wanted to adopt this pair, we’d do it. And soon after we made that decision, one of our regulars decided that they wanted to take them home.

Gizmo and Iris Entertaining Customers at The Cat Cafe

Gizmo and Iris Entertaining Customers at The Cat Cafe

Within minutes of these two cats arriving at their new home, they were exploring  everything. They hopped onto their new cat tree, looked out the windows, and started investigating the house. They’re going to do very well in their new home. We here at The Cat Cafe are very happy that we were able to enjoy them while they were here and to have facilitated them going to a great home!

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