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New Sidewalk Seating at The Cat Cafe

Many of you may remember that we’ve been working to get a sidewalk seating area put in for a long time now. We raised the funds to cover part of the expenses of building this out, and we moved forward. Progress was a lot less rapid than we wanted.

We thought the permitting process would be relatively fast and easy, because that’s what the mayor of the City of San Diego said he wanted. But, fast for a large City is very different than what a small business like The Cat Cafe considers fast. So we had to work through the different layers of bureaucracy in order to get our plans approved.

We finally got the plans for the sidewalk seating area at The Cat Cafe approved in February. We thought that meant we’d quickly have the seating area available for our customers. But then we ran into another delay. This time, it was with the supplier of the fencing material.

The supplier constantly promised our contractor, Balboa Fence, that they’d have the materials in by a certain date. That date would arrive, and the materials weren’t there. So Balboa Fence had to tell us to hang tight and that they’d get the fence in as soon as the material was here.

We’re happy to say this finally happened. And yesterday morning, the work crew from Balboa Fence arrived. It took them a morning to complete the task. It’s funny how the actual installation of the fencing took less time to complete than any of the paperwork behind it.

Sidewalk Seating at The Cat Cafe

Sidewalk Seating at The Cat Cafe

Now, we’ve got a sidewalk seating area here at The Cat Cafe. We think it looks great. The best part of this is now that when we have lines of people waiting to get in during our peak hours, we will be able to offer everyone a seat. And customers who just want to enjoy their drinks or food without interacting with the cats can do that now.

We want to thank everyone who helped with the funding to build out this sidewalk seating area. And we hope to see all of you here at The Cat Cafe so that you can enjoy it!

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