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The Cat Cafe Sends Eight Cats Home In October

We here at The Cat Cafe have multiple goals. We enjoy serving award winning coffee from local roasters. And we are proud to serve cookies and pastries from locally based companies. We love giving people the chance to enjoy a little purr therapy with San Diego Humane Society cats.

But the thing that makes us the happiest is when we send cats to good homes.

Blondie was Adopted From the Cat Cafe


In October, we were able to send eight cats to good homes. We started the month off by sending Blondie, who had raised a bunch of kittens before arriving here, to her forever home. Then we adopted out a couple of bonded pairs. Smokey and Tiger had been here for about five months before finding an adopter. Dean and Deluca, who have since been renamed Max and Milo, spent about a month here before they went home.

Next up was another long term resident, Sammy. And then we closed the month out by adopting out another sibling pair, Noah and Cora.

Sammy was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


These adoptions bring the total number of cats that we have adopted out at The Cat Cafe to 203. We’re really proud of how we’ve been able to find homes for all of these animals, and hope to continue to send animals home at this pace.

In addition to adopting out eight cats, The Cat Cafe raised $218 for San Diego Humane Society. We’re glad that our customers choose to support this wonderful organization in its mission to Inspire Compassion.

As we here at The Cat Cafe move into November and holiday season, we want to thank all of our supporters and customers. We wouldn’t have been able to send these cats home without your support. We look forward to seeing you back in here to meet our adoptable cats from San Diego Humane Society and to enjoy our award winning coffee!

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