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Grey, Kitty, Stella, and Tigger Join The Cat Cafe Clowder

It’s always a little sad for us to say goodbye to cats when we adopt them out. We’ll admit it. We get attached to the cats who join us at The Cat Cafe. Some of them all but demand we do it, because they hop on our laps and purr up a storm. Others are a little more aloof, but they give us the slow eye blinks when we walk into the room and talk until we come over to pet them.

But we know that this is something we have to do so that we can be successful at achieving one of the goals at The Cat Cafe — sending cats to good homes. And we always enjoy bringing new cats in to our venue.

Meet Grey at The Cat Cafe


Grey is the first cat we will introduce you to. He is a little younger than most of the cats we get in, at only seven months. And he’s a very friendly cat. He greeted us immediately with head bonks and purrs. But this 10 pound boy is a little shy around people he’s not familiar with. He’s starting to come out of his shell and interacts with people in the playpen more. We still need to be respectful of his shy nature, however. Please give him the space he needs to feel comfortable.

Meet Kitty at The Cat Cafe


Kitty is a little more reserved than Grey is with her affection. In fact, you have to work to get this four year, four month girl to interact with you. She probably needs to lose a few pounds, because at 13 pounds, she’s carrying a little more weight than she needs. She also needs to go to a home where any children respect her boundaries and where little love bites are okay.

Stella and Tigger, who are a bonded pair, also arrived at The Cat Cafe recently. These two came to us from San Diego Humane Society‘s Oceanside facility. They weren’t too happy on the ride to The Cat Cafe, but once they arrived they started to fit right in.

Meet Stella at The Cat Cafe


Stella is quieter and more reserved than her brother. Both of these cats are one year and two months old. She is also smaller, weighing in at nine pounds. When she gets to know you, she’s very affectionate, and will leap up to give you head bonks. And she purrs like crazy when she likes you.

Meet Tigger at The Cat Cafe


You will likely see Tigger, who is the larger of these two cats at 13 pounds. out in the playpen more. And he’s very entertaining! Tigger has discovered the scratching poles in The Cat Cafe playpen also make for great climbing poles and he uses them as such.

Stella and Tigger must go home together because they are a bonded pair.

Come on by to meet some of your old favorites and see the new cats who have joined us at The Cat Cafe!

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