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Change To Admissions At The Cat Cafe

For those of you who have been with us since we started, you may remember a time when The Cat Cafe looked like this.

The Cat Cafe Playpen During Pre-Opening

The Cat Cafe Playpen During Pre-Opening

We have to say, we’re a little embarrassed by this. The person who wrote the place needed a woman’s touch was right. But that’s what happens when you get a contractor, a day laborer, and a person who’s motivated to open together. Everyone wants a functional, and not necessarily attractive, solution.

We’re happy to say that we’ve done a lot to enhance the customer experience at The Cat Cafe. Now, the interior looks like this.

The Playpen at The Cat Cafe Now

The Playpen at The Cat Cafe Now

We don’t think there’s anyone who can say the second picture isn’t a lot more pleasing aesthetically. We’re glad to have made these enhancements to the customer experience.

Why are we telling you this? Because the rising cost of doing business is forcing us to make some changes. We’ve been proud of having customers to purchase an item as their admission to get in to interact with the cats.

Unfortunately, with the costs of doing business rising, this system just does not generate the revenue needed to continue operations. And that is why we are shifting to an entry fee system.

We’ve looked into the admission policies of cat cafes throughout the country. We’ve found that admissions go as high as $25 for cat cafes in Los Angeles and San Francisco. A newly opened cat cafe in Boston is charging $15 for an hour of time with their cats. And their cats are not adoptable nor do they serve any food or drink.

We also surveyed customers of The Cat Cafe to get your thoughts. We appreciated your feedback and it was critical in our decision making.

Effective December 1, The Cat Cafe will switch to an admission fee system. We will charge $6 per person to enter the cat playpen. This fee will include a food or drink item. We feel this will help us generate the revenue needed to continue sending cats to good homes while maintaining a reasonable price for visitors.

To make things more economical for our frequent visitors, we will be selling memberships for unlimited admissions and a food or drink item. Memberships will cost $25 for a monthly pass and $200 for an annual pass.

Those of us at The Cat Cafe understand this is a big change. It’s not something we take lightly. We hope our customers understand we need to do this in order to continue operating.

You are welcome to contact us with your views on this change. We appreciate your continued support.

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