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Eleven Cats Go Home from The Cat Cafe in May 2022

Things weren’t just busy as far as visitors went in May at The Cat Cafe. It was also a busy month for adoptions, with eleven cats going home. We’ll miss Harrison, Camilla, Richie, Sima, Anton, Aubrey, Haru, Kaze, Azul, Tubby and Lalo. Our sadness at seeing them go is always countered by our happiness that they found good homes.

And we’re always impressed by the generosity of those who visit The Cat Cafe. They contributed $165 to help The Rescue House continue to send cats to good homes.

Now it’s time to introduce you to some of the cats who took the spots of the ones who were adopted. We’ve got two sets of bonded pairs at The Cat Cafe who we’ll introduce you to first.

Bowie and Baloo were the first two to arrive at The Cat Cafe. These two boys were born to a mother who had been moved into a foster home at The Rescue House.

Baloo is the more outgoing of the two and he likes to be up high. You’ll find him tearing across the room to climb to the top of the Urban Feline grand Caribbean palm.

a cat lying on a green blanket


Bowie, while more cautious than his brother, becomes a tripping hazard when he gets to know you. That’s because he’s always darting between legs.

a cat sitting on a counter


The next pair of siblings we’ll introduce you to are a pair who joined us at The Cat Cafe after The Rescue House pulled them from a shelter, Waverly and Watson.

Waverly is the smaller of the two. She’s also a lap cat and has shinier fur than her brother.

a cat that is standing in front of a mirror


Watson is bigger than his sister, and he talks more than she does. He also likes to sit by your feet when he’s relaxing.

Meet Watson at The Cat CAfe


Joining Waverly and Watson from the same shelter is Scarlett. This girl is a feisty one. She’ll go from giving you head bonks to biting you with next to no time passing. But get her in the right mood and she’s friendly and affectionate.

Meet Scarlett at The Cat Cafe


Maverick joined the clowder at The Cat Cafe on the same day as Bowie and Baloo. He’s older than them, at seven years old. He was living outside and when his caretakers moved, they contacted The Rescue House to help place him because he’s so friendly.

Meet Maverick at The Cat Cafe


Another cat who found his way to The Cat Cafe after his caretakers had to move is Bee Gee. He’s a little more cautious than most cats, and doesn’t really like to be pet until he gets to know you.

meet Bee Gee at The Cat Cafe

Bee Gee

Next, there’s Andy. This guy is another one who found himself without a home after the person who took care of a colony of cats was no longer able to do so. Andy was one of the most friendly cats there, so it’s no surprise The Rescue House brought him to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Andy at The Cat Cafe


The last cat we’ll introduce you to is Julia. She was part of a feral colony being cared for by a rescue group. This group asked organizations like The Rescue House to see if they could take in friendly cats. And Julia is friendly. She loves entertaining people and then falling asleep right next to them when it’s nap time.

Meet Julia at The Cat Cafe


We look forward to welcoming you in to The Cat Cafe to meet these cats and spend time with some old friends.

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