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Thirteen Cats Adopted From The Cat Cafe in February 2022

February is a short month, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t send a lot of cats home. We sent 13 cats home in February. We’re glad we got to enjoy the company of Honeymaren, Gale, Arlo, Leon, Celine, Sherlock, Watson, Lauro, Zahara, Colby, Lilith, Cleo and Bob. But while we miss having them at The Cat Cafe, we’re glad we found homes for them. And we’re also happy that visitors to The Cat Cafe contributed $145 to help The Rescue House continue to help cats in need.

As always, when cats go home, our partners at The Rescue House bring new ones in to The Cat Cafe. Let’s introduce you to them.

We’ll start out with a quartet of cats who were rescued by a woman living in Tijuana. Unfortunately, due to health issues, she can no longer take care of these cats, who she loves dearly. That is why she surrendered them to The Rescue House and why they ended up with us at The Cat Cafe. She’s able to visit this quartet, and it’s clear they love her dearly. There are two bonded pairs among them.

First up are Sima and Anton.

Meet Sima at The Cat Cafe


Sima is a handsome eight year old Siamese mix with pretty blue eyes. He’s more stocky than most Siamese cats, and he’s also not as talkative. But when he does talk, he’s got an interesting meow. You’ll find Sima enjoying the sun in the morning.

Meet Anton at The Cat Cafe


Anton is less talkative and less adventurous than his brother. But when you get Anton’s attention and trust, he’ll flop over and roll around your feet. He’s also taken to attacking shoelaces of visitors to The Cat Cafe.

In addition to these two, we have two tuxedo cats, Marta and Motya.

Meet Marta at The Cat Cafe


Marta is the more confident of the two. She’s found her spot on the tower by the window. She doesn’t talk much or solicit attention, but she is happy to enjoy pets from those who visit The Cat Cafe.

Meet Motya at The Cat Cafe


Motya is a little more reserved than Marta and spends a lot of his time sleeping in the retreat. But when he does come out, he’s happy to greet people who want to pet him. And he loves getting that rear in the air.

Meet Loki and Lennox at The Cat Cafe

Loki and Lennox

We have another bonded pair, Loki and Lennox. These two are quite reserved and shy. Lennox loves to get up high and swat at wand toys, and he’s starting to come down low enough for people to pet him. Loki, on the other hand, stays up high. But don’t worry. Once Loki comes around, he enjoys watching everything his people do.

Meet Zoe at The Cat Cafe


Finally, we have a feisty girl named Zoe. She was living in an impoverished area in Calexico, and because they couldn’t afford to get her spayed, she had many litters of kittens. After a stay at a foster home with The Rescue House, she joined the clowder at The Cat Cafe. We enjoy her head bonks and love hearing her purr when we scratch her chin.

We look forward to seeing you at The Cat Cafe. Because we don’t want you to be turned away if we’re full, we strongly encourage you to make a reservation before you visit.

Come and see us and say hi to these cats or your old friends Jacey and Leo.

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