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Five Cats Arrive At The Cat Cafe

We’ve had quite a few adoptions here at The Cat Cafe, which means we kept our partner San Diego Humane Society busy. After Dean and Deluca got us to our 200 adoption milestone, we sent home long term resident Sammy as well as Cora and Noah.

San Diego Humane Society worked hard to find us cats to replace the ones who went home. And they brought us five really cool cats, who we’ll introduce you to here.

Meet Calvin at The Cat Cafe


Calvin is a very friendly seven year old, 12 pound cat. He loves to interact with people, and started exploring the playpen almost immediately upon his arrival here at The Cat Cafe. He enjoys being pet by customers of all ages, and he doesn’t mind getting a little attention when he’s sleeping. Because Calvin has a cold, we’ve cleaned his face a few times. He doesn’t fuss too much when we do this.

Meet Sunflower at The Cat Cafe


Sunflower is only a little over a year, but he’s had a rough life. He was born to a semi-feral colony near a warehouse, and he was suffering from a condition known as entropion. After arriving at San Diego Humane Society, the doctors operated on his eye and it’s a lot better now. It is always going to look a little off, but don’t let that keep you from checking out this eight pound boy. He is very friendly and inquisitive and loves to play with wand toys.

Meet Yoshi at The Cat Cafe


Yoshi was surrendered from the only home she’s known. Nine years ago, when she was a kitten, her adopters took her home. But then they had children, and the children don’t interact properly with Yoshi. Since arriving at The Cat Cafe, this 14 pound tortie has shown that she loves interacting with children who can be respectful of her. She even accepted kisses from a three year old boy!

Finally, we have the bonded pair of Raja and Tibby. They are one of the first cats that San Diego Humane Society has brought to us from their Oceanside campus, and they’re definitely great representatives of that campus. These two must go home together because they are bonded. Sadly, these two lost their home when their people could no longer properly take care of them.

Meet Raja at The Cat Cafe


Raja is a sleek house panther who will definitely grab your attention. He’s 12 years old and weighs 15 pounds. And he loves to give head bonks to people he just met. He was out of the carrier in less than a minute when he arrived. And he was out interacting with customers after less than a day here at The Cat Cafe.

Meet Tibby at The Cat Cafe


His sister Tibby is also 12 years old, and she’s the same size as Raja, weighing 15 pounds. She’s not as active as Raja is, but she’s also very affectionate and loving. After just one day at The Cat Cafe, she was hopping into customer’s laps and purring up a storm.

Please come by and meet the latest arrivals at The Cat Cafe. And don’t forget, we are still working on raising the capital we need to build a sidewalk seating area. We are less than $1,000 from meeting our goal! If you can contribute, please do. And if you can’t please share our campaign.

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