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Please Vote No on Prop 65

The Cat Cafe has never stepped into politics before. We are happy to welcome you if you are planning on voting for the candidate from the American independent, democratic, green, libertarian, peace and freedom, or republican party. We don’t care about your politics as long as you’re looking to enjoy good coffee with friendly cats.

However, we are breaking this silence to urge you to vote no on Proposition 65.

The Cat Cafe Urges You to Vote No on Proposition 65

The Cat Cafe Urges You to Vote No on Proposition 65

The proponents of Proposition 65 tell you that when businesses like The Cat Cafe charge $0.10 per bag for a paper bag, we’ll get a “windfall.” They say that we’ll be getting a “sweetheart deal” from Sacramento. In addition, they say retailers like us “get $300 million richer while shoppers get $300 million poorer.” Retailers like us can’t keep this “windfall,” they say. Make us send it to the California Wildlife Conservation Board instead.

It’s a compelling story. But when you take a closer look at it, their claims fall apart.

We’ll use The Cat Cafe as an example. The plastic bags we give to customers when they purchase gift items cost us about a penny per bag. We look at this as a cost of doing business. We sell you a t-shirt, mug, or other gift item, and you get a bag to carry it in if you want. And many of you don’t use one.

If single use plastic bags are banned, then we must charge $0.10 a bag for those who opt to use one. However, these bags cost approximately $0.15 per bag. So instead of the “windfall” proponents of Proposition 65 claim we’re going to get, we’re going to lose a nickel per bag. Looking at it another way, our “windfall” is a quintupling of our cost.

The Cat Cafe will accept that as a cost of doing business in a more environmentally friendly way. But we’re extremely disappointed that proponents of Proposition 65 would portray this as some kind of “windfall” for us. And that is why we’re urging you to vote against Proposition 65.

We’re happy to discuss this with you further. Please email us if you have any questions.  And thanks for all of your support!

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