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Meet Brandy and Gibbs at The Cat Cafe

One of our favorite things to do at The Cat Cafe is to send our feline residents to new homes. We enjoy having them here, but we also know that sending them to new homes helps our partner, The Rescue House, take in more animals who need help. And one thing that we definitely enjoy when we send a cat home is knowing that we’ll be getting new cats in soon afterwards.

Brandy and Gibbs joined us a few days ago. This bonded pair quickly worked their way into the hearts of the staff and customers. These two have lived together their entire life, and we don’t want to separate them.

Brandy and Gibbs, along with their siblings, had a rough start to their life. They, along with four other kittens, got stuck in a dryer vent. Fortunately for them, maintenance workers saved them! They went to an emergency vet and then found their way to The Rescue House.

Brandy and Gibbs watched patiently when their siblings got adopted. They went to a home last. We don’t know why, because they’re very interactive and friendly. Things didn’t work out, and they went back to The Rescue House. Then they made their way to The Cat Cafe.

Meet Brandy at The Cat Cafe


Brandy is a little more shy than her brother. She’ll need a little more time to warm up to you. But once she does, she solicits your attention with amazingly cute meows. And then, she rolls over, shows you her belly, and demands affection. She’s also playful, and enjoys playing with string toys. Torties have a reputation for being a little feisty. Brandy defies that stereotype.

Meet Gibbs at The Cat Cafe


Gibbs is a little more playful and outgoing than Brandy. He loves to play with wand toys, and sometimes, he will take the toy from you! He hides the toy in the retreat, only to bring it back when he wants you to play with him. He’s inquisitive and friendly, and loves to get his purr motor going. You’ll also enjoy looking at his unusual coat.

These two cats have been together since their birth, so we’re not going to separate them. At just shy of a year, these two will entertain whoever adopts them for a long time to come. Please come on in, enjoy a little coffee, and meet this bonded pair at The Cat Cafe!

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