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The Latest Arrivals to The Cat Cafe

We had a few new arrivals join the clowder here at The Cat Cafe. This brings us up to an even dozen cats, which is the maximum that is recommended in any communal living situation. So, without any more delay, let’s meet the newest members of The Cat Cafe clowder.

Meet Fernando at The Cat Cafe


Fernando was found by a kind person taking care of a colony of community cats. As you know, most community cats at best tolerate interaction with people. Not Fernando. This four year, nine month guy demanded attention from the person caring for the colony. And after he became more familiar with his surroundings at The Cat Cafe, that affectionate side came out.

When we are cleaning the litter boxes, feeding the cats, or doing work when it’s quiet, he will wrap his tail around our legs and head bonk us until we pay him some attention. Fernando does very well with other cats, and started snuggling with some of the others right away. You know how some cats have to be the only cat in a home? Fernando is the opposite and he will have to go to a home with another cat.

Meet Tessa at The Cat Cafe


Tessa is a very sweet cat with a sad story. She lived happily in a home where she was loved until her person died. After that, Tessa went to a local shelter. She hated living there, and The Rescue House pulled her from that facility. This seven year, six month old cat loves getting attention from people she likes. And she loves to give sandpaper kisses to people who give her pets and chin scratches.

She doesn’t mind other cats, although she is fine without them. And in the past, Tessa enjoyed interacting with children. Tessa deserves a home like the one she was in. And hopefully, we’ll be able to find her one soon.

Meet Whiskers at The Cat Cafe


The last cat we will introduce you to is a very special one. His name is Rocky, and he’s got a sad story. Somehow, Rocky caught himself on a fence. Anyone who’s seen a trapped cat knows that they will try desperately to free themselves. Rocky did this, and severely damaged his right hind leg. A kind person couldn’t bear to see Rocky suffer and took him to an emergency vet. After evaluating his leg, the vets decided that he needed to have it amputated. They performed the surgery and kept Rocky until he recovered. Then, they tried to find a home for him.

After several months of trying to find him a home, the vets turned Rocky over to The Rescue House. Now, this two year old boy calls The Cat Cafe his home. Rocky loves to be pet, and he loves to play. And if you think a tripod like Rocky isn’t nimble and agile, think again. He hops up onto and down from tables as well as any four legged cat.

Come on by and meet the new cats here at The Cat Cafe and say hello to some of your longer term friends!

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