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Meet the Four Latest Cats at The Cat Cafe

At The Cat Cafe, we said goodbye to several cats recently, including long term residents Nathan and Lila. We will miss Ninja Nate appearing from nowhere, and we’ll miss Lila’s chirp meow. Sending them to a good home made things easier for us and and made us happy. With those cats finding new homes, The Rescue House brought additional cats in. Let’s introduce them to you.

The first group of cats are a group of sisters who all have names starting with the letter G. And even though these three girls all are part of the same litter, they’ve got different personalities and one of them has a completely different coat pattern from her sisters!

Fortunately for these girls, a kind person found them when they were still nursing. In order to help these cats thrive, an animal rescue group brought them to a foster home, where they were raised in safety and with a lot of love. This really helped with their socialization, and when you see them interacting with people at The Cat Cafe, you’ll see how.

Meet Gemma at The Cat Cafe


Gemma is the most outgoing of the three. This orange tabby was exploring the playpen within minutes of arriving. She quickly started walking around with her tail in the air, and she started soliciting attention from people who she had just met right away. She quickly decided that she liked being by the windows, and that’s where you’ll find her most of the day.

Meet Glory at The Cat Cafe


Even though Glory looks a lot like her sister, she has a completely different personality. She’s a lot more cautious and takes a little while to warm up to people. She spent most of her first days at The Cat Cafe in the retreat, but when we went in there, she was very affectionate. She’s also got a demanding meow and if she wants your attention, you’ll definitely know it!

Meet Gracie at The Cat Cafe


Yes, Gracie is definitely part of the same litter, even though she’s got a completely different color pattern. You’ve probably heard that cats like being up high. Gracie is proof of that. She quickly found that the top of the Urban Feline Carribean palm is the highest spot she can go to. So she goes there! And if you can get Gracie to come down, she may hop into your lap to show you affection.

Meet Sadie at The Cat Cafe


Sadie is the only arrival who isn’t part of this group of sisters. You’d never guess it from how well she’s integrated into the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Sadie has been through a lot in her ten months of life. She and her kittens were dumped at a high kill shelter. Both she and her kittens were in horrible shape.

Fortunately, a rescue group stepped in and nursed these cats back to health. And Sadie blossomed with love and proper care. Pet Sadie, and she may hop into your lap to show you she likes it. And if she does that, her purr motor will really get going.

Come on in and meet the latest members of The Cat Cafe clowder. Who knows? You may fall in love with one of them and want to take them home! Or, you can just say hello to them and enjoy spending time with them.

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