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The Cat Cafe Sends Five Cats Home

In September, we transition from the busy summer months into the more calm fall months. We don’t have as many visitors stopping in at The Cat Cafe, but we still have plenty of cats to entertain those who do come to visit. And for five of the cats from The Rescue House, September was a very good month. They went to their furever homes.

Marigold Was Adopted at The Cat Cafe


We sent Marigold, Felix, Daytona, Ronaldo, and Marco home in September. We’re always happy at The Cat Cafe when we send any cat home, but we’re especially happy to have sent Felix and Daytona home. Felix is blind, but he doesn’t let that slow him down. And when we told customers that Felix couldn’t see, many times they were amazed because they saw him running around the playpen like he could see everything.

Daytona could see just fine, but he suffered a fractured pelvis and because of that, he walked with a limp. The strange thing about his limp is how nobody noticed it when he was running. His limp became much more visible when he walked.

In addition to sending five cats to their furever homes, which took our total adoptions to 256, The Cat Cafe raised $293 for The Rescue House in September. We’re glad our customers help us raise these funds so that they can continue to do their good work.

As the days get shorter and we move into the fall, we’re happy that we’re continuing to see far more customers than we did the year before. That tells us that you’re enjoying your time at The Cat Cafe. We’re hopeful that this trend will continue. That will help us send more cats to good homes!

Please come in and visit us. Enjoy a hot drink instead of a cold one if it’s too chilly. And regardless of the temperature outside, you can count on warm and friendly cats here at The Cat Cafe.

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