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Meet Ron and Lila

We recently introduced you to a bunch of cats who joined the clowder at The Cat Cafe. We don’t have as many to introduce you to this time, but we think you’ll like the latest additions to our clowder.

Meet Lila at The Cat Cafe


Lila spent most of her life living on the streets. She managed to find her way to the right home, because when the people living there saw her looking hungry and sad, they knew they had to help. The Rescue House gave her the care she needed to recover, and then her personality showed up.

One of the first things you will notice about this five year old girl is her meow. She sounds like a tiny little kitten even though she’s a fully grown cat. And when she wants to play, you’ll hear that cute meow. She enjoys playing with wand toys. Lila will also pounce on balls and may even drop one at your feet to tell you she wants to play.

Lila likes other cats, and she does well with dogs. She doesn’t like small children. She’s not mean to them, but she finds a way to escape those that visit The Cat Cafe.

Meet Ron at The Cat Cafe


The Rescue House raised Ron from the time he was a kitten. When his adopters decided they couldn’t keep him, The Rescue House brought him to The Cat Cafe. After arriving here, this one year, two month old boy started seeking attention. He loves interacting with people.

Ron likes sitting on cat trees when he’s not chasing toys around. He also will solicit attention from people he likes. And if Ron really likes you, you may get a treat when he hops in your lap. He gets along well with the other cats here at The Cat Cafe. And he’s fine with respectful children.

Come on by to meet the newest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe or to say hello to a favorite who’s been around for a while!

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