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The Cat Cafe Raises $292 and Sends Eight Cats Home in May

May was a busy month for us here at The Cat Cafe. We had a number of fairly large conventions at the San Diego Convention Center, and then we had the long Memorial Day weekend. That meant a lot of people visited us, and because of those visits, we were able to send eight cats to new homes.

One of the highlights of the month was when we sent one of the first cats who arrived here from The Rescue House, Andrew, to his new home. In something that shows you just how tightly Andrew can weave his way into your heart, his foster showed up to help us adopt him out and to say goodbye to him!

And we also found a home for two fifteen year old bengal cats. Iris and Gizmo were customer favorites, so we’re sad that they left us but we’re very happy that they went to a person who will make sure they’re very happy.

Not only did we have a lot of customers visit us, but we had generous customers. That’s how we raised $292 to help The Rescue House continue their work of helping cats in need. The Cat Cafe is extremely grateful for the generosity of our customers.

Meet Sunny at The Cat Cafe


We wanted to also tell you about a new arrival at The Cat Cafe. Sunny is the latest cat to join us. He’s a two year old orange tabby. And he’s a very mellow and calm cat. Most cats complain when they get in a carrier, and they really hate car rides. Not Sunny. He didn’t say a thing during the ride to The Cat Cafe. And he hopped right out of the carrier when he arrived.

Sunny is still getting used to things here, so you won’t see much of him. When you do see him, he’ll greet you with head bonks and his unique meow.

We here at The Cat Cafe want to thank everyone who adopted in May and our generous customers. We hope to see you back again soon to meet Sunny and the rest of our cats.

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