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Meet The Cat Cafe’s Latest Arrivals

We’ve had a lot of new cats join The Cat Cafe clowder, and it’s time to let you know about them. We hope to see you visit us to meet these cats. Hopefully, someone will fall in love with them and take them home.

Meet Tiger Lily at The Cat Cafe

Tiger Lily

We’ve always had a soft spot for bengal cats, and Tiger Lily is no exception. She was lost or abandoned, and was wandering the streets of Los Angeles when she decided that she wanted to be inside. She walked up to the door of the person who took her as a foster, and loudly demanded attention. When that person posted on a bengal cat rescue group they needed help, we offered The Cat Cafe as a potential foster home for her. Now, this 7-10 year old cat is part of our clowder. She’s very vocal, and you’ll find her licking condensation off cold drinks.

Meet Cruiser at The Cat Cafe


Cruiser won’t wait for you to introduce yourself. He’ll do it himself. He’s about a year and a half, and he’s full of energy. When you meet him, you’d never believe that he fell off a balcony and broke a leg. The veterinarians who treated his broken leg also discovered that he had knee issues. So, after his broken leg healed, he went back to them for knee surgery. You’ll notice that Cruiser has a limp, but it doesn’t slow him down at all. He loves running around and showing people that despite his injuries, he’s a fun and playful cat.

Meet Jeanette at The Cat Cafe


Jeanette was fending for herself in the Imperial Valley. Fortunately for this two year old girl, someone found her, and she made her way to The Rescue House. Since arriving at The Cat Cafe, she’s shown she’s a playful girl, and she loves it when people come over and pet her. She’ll respond with head bonks. If Jeanette’s in the mood, she’ll entertain you by tossing her toys in the air and sometimes, she’ll even fetch them for you.

Meet Monty at The Cat Cafe


Monty, as we’ve decided to name him, has been through a lot in his eight years. First, he suffered from abscesses on his ears. The doctors drained the abscesses, but then his ears collapsed. Now, Monty looks like a Scottish fold. Monty then got surrendered, and he was pretty sad. Soon, though, he found his way to a new home. Things looked good for Monty, but the neighbors complained about his yowling. They said it was too loud. The apartment complex’s management told Monty’s people they needed to rehome him or they would face eviction. And that’s how Monty made his way to The Cat Cafe.

As you can see, we’ve got a wide range of cats for you to mingle with right now. Come visit us at The Cat Cafe and see if you fall in love with one of these cats. Who knows, they may be the perfect cat for you!

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