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The Cat Cafe Sends Two Cats Home In July 2017

As you all know, July is always a very busy month for us at The Cat Cafe. In addition to Comic-Con, which brings 130,000 additional people to downtown San Diego, we’re right in the middle of the summer vacation season. And school is out for the summer as well.

Despite all of the increased visits to The Cat Cafe, July can be a hit or miss month for adoptions. Although we’ve done some long distance adoptions in the past, it’s not typical for someone vacationing in San Diego to take a cat home. And we also suspend adoptions for the week of Comic-Con. The crowds on the street can turn the most mild mannered cat into a feline hulk.

Ron Relaxing at The Cat Cafe Before Going Home

Ron Relaxing at The Cat Cafe Before Going Home

Despite all of this, during the month of July, The Cat Cafe sent two cats to their homes in July 2017. We’re glad that we sent Ron and Sookie to their homes, even though we’ll miss them. On the last day she was with us, Sookie seemed to know she was going home. She was very affectionate. She sat on the laps of a lot of staff members. It was like she knew she was leaving and she wanted to say goodbye and thank you.

The Cat Cafe is also glad to have raised $450 for The Rescue House. We want to thank our generous customers for this. Your donations will help The Rescue House continue to add to the more than 12,000 cats who have found homes through them.

We’re very happy to have accomplished these things in July. It’s always fun to send cats home, and it’s great to be able to present our rescue partner with funds to help them continue their work.

Thanks to all of our customers who helped make it happen. We hope you’ll visit The Cat Cafe again to spend time with old feline friends and to make new ones!

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