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Meet The Latest Members of The Cat Cafe Clowder

It’s been a while since we told you about the cats who have joined us at The Cat Cafe. So let’s get right to it.

Remember Angelina and Arianna? The Rescue House decided that her foster sister, Sophia, would be a good fit for our clowder. And so she joined us. She’s a friendly one year old cat. She’s still getting used to the space, and so she’s a little cautious. But if you win her affection, Sophia loves to give you head bonks, purr, and roll over for you.

Meet Sophia at The Cat Cafe


Barrel took to the playpen at The Cat Cafe right away. He’s a friendly and talkative one year old tuxedo cat. Barrel loves to play. You can get him running around the room with a wand toy. And if you stop playing with him before he likes it, he’ll let you know. When Barrel talks, everyone notices because he’s loud. So keep him playing until he gets tired, and he’ll spare you his complaining.

Meet Barrel at The Cat Cafe


Finally, since we sent one bonded pair of cats home from The Cat Cafe, it was time for us to bring a new one in. Meet our brother and sister pair of Aster and Linnea. They’re around a year old. Since we didn’t have a lot of long haired cats around, The Rescue House decided to send us one.

Aster is the more outgoing of the two. He was quickly exploring the playpen at The Cat Cafe and introducing himself to visitors and staff. He quickly learned that the top of the grand Carribean palm was a good place to observe things. And while some cats pause to figure out how to get down from there, Aster didn’t hesitate at all.

Meet Aster at The Cat Cafe


Linnea is a little more cautious than her brother, so you might find she’s not as accessible to you even if she’s in the playpen. She’s got wobbly kitty syndrome, so her walk is distinctive. Unlike some cats who have the syndrome, she’s able to move well even if she’s less graceful than your typical cat.

Meet Linnea at The Cat Cafe


We hope you enjoyed our introduction to the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe. Come on by and say hi to them in person, or spend time with some of the cats who have been here longer.

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