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The Cat Cafe Sends Six Cats Home in January 2020

It was a busy first month of the year and decade for us at The Cat Cafe. We celebrated our five year anniversary. And we sent six cats home. We’ll miss Angelina, Arianna, Stella, Aster, Linnea and Sophia. But we’re glad they found good homes.

Sophia was Adopted at The Cat Cafe

Sophia was Adopted at The Cat Cafe

We’re also glad that visitors to The Cat Cafe helped us generate $580 in contributions to help The Rescue House continue its mission of helping find homes for adoptable cats.

February is moving along quickly, and we’ve been sending lots of cats home. We haven’t even had a chance to introduce you to them before they go home lately! So we figured we’d share a little bit about our five year anniversary party, which we held at the Horton Grand Hotel.

It took place on the night of January 5. That is the day back in 2015 when our animal welfare partner at the time, San Diego Humane Society, brought the first five adoptable cats to The Cat Cafe. We named these cats the Fab Five. Butterball, Wexler, Larson, Giselle and Janis were the members of this group. And Butterball was the first one to go home.

The Cat Cafe Five Year Anniversary Party

We were happy to have on hand representatives from our current animal welfare partner, The Rescue House, as well as some people who adopted cats from The Cat Cafe. And we’re also glad that we had visitors who saw our live stream and drove eight hours to visit us and attend our anniversary party.

While we at The Cat Cafe were happy to celebrate our five year anniversary and how far we’ve come over the years, we know we have to keep working hard to get better. We owe that to our visitors and to the cats who we take care of.

And we know that we’d never have made it to five years at The Cat Cafe if it wasn’t for the support of people like you.

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