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Meet The Latest Members of The Cat Cafe Clowder

We’ve had a lot of adoptions recently at The Cat Cafe. Some of the adoptions took place so quickly we didn’t even have a chance to introduce you to the cat before they went home. The Rescue House got busy finding new cats to bring to us after we sent so many cats home. This means we’ve got a bunch of cats to introduce you to.

The first cat we’ll introduce you to is Cadu. You’ll often find him on the top of the Urban Feline Caribbean palm. This two year old boy likes his people, and will give head bonks and flop over when he starts to like you. He’s more cautious around other cats, but we think he’ll start to like them too when he gets more used to them.

Sombrera is the next new member of The Cat Cafe clowder that we’ll introduce you to. She’s cautious, and you might not see her because she does spend a good amount of time in the retreat. But when you do, it’s a treat. She will wrap herself around your legs if she likes you. And if you’re sitting, this two year old girl may find her way into your lap.

Rey came from the same foster home as Cadu and Sombrera. He’s about a year old, and he’s a big fan of wand toys. Get Rey going, and he’ll pounce on the toys and even do back flips in the air to get to them. Once he’s done playing, he likes to find a calm place to sleep. But even when he’s sleeping, he enjoys being pet.

The next member of The Cat Cafe Clowder we’ll introduce you to is Strudel. She came in with her brother Cannoli, who got adopted before we had a chance to introduce you to him. She’s a calmer cat, but this one year old girl enjoys being pet. And she’s got fur that’s so soft and enjoyable to pet.

The biggest new member of the clowder is Tito. He’s about three years old, and he’s carrying more weight than he should. He doesn’t let that slow him down, though, and he’s often finding his way into high spots. Whoever adopts him is going to have to help him slim down so that he can get to those high spots more easily.

We hope you come to visit the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe and to say hello to those cats who have been around longer soon!

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