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The Cat Cafe Sends Seven Cats Home in January 2019

It was a busy first month of 2019 here at The Cat Cafe. We sent six cats home, including two bonded pairs. One of the bonded pairs that went home were our long term residents Alexis and Anthony. We’re going to miss them, but we’re glad that they found a home of their own, especially since Alexis is a cautious cat.

In addition to Alexis and Anthony, we also sent the bonded pair of J Lo and Kanye home. We also sent single cats Sarge, Sousa and Jamie home.

Our customers were generous in January not just with their homes, but with their wallets. Visitors to The Cat Cafe contributed $421 to The Rescue House. This will help them find homes for more cats.

With so many cats leaving, we brought new ones in. So it’s time to introduce you to the latest members of the clowder at The Cat Cafe. You won’t be surprised to learn there are some bonded pairs there.

Mike and Mitch had a rough start to their lives. Theses one year old brothers got eye infections as kittens, and that meant that the shelter they were living in considered them candidates for euthanasia. Fortunately for them, The Rescue House pulled them and gave them a chance to thrive.

Mike makes all sorts of interesting noises. He’s the more outgoing of the two brothers. He loves to relax in the cat tree by the window and look outside. And his purr is loud and he’s happy to start doing it for you.

Mitch is a goofier cat than his brother. And one of the things he likes to do is get up high. Unfortunately for him, he can’t quite figure out how to get down from the top of the nine foot tall Urban Feline palm, which means we have to make like firefighters and get him down.

The next bonded pair we have are two one year old sisters, Milkweed and Monarch. They were also pulled from a shelter by The Rescue House before they made their way to The Cat Cafe.

If Milkweed is around you, you will definitely know it. She likes to talk. A lot. And because she is deaf, she talks very loudly. She’s a very active cat, and other than Jacey, she’s the only cat who likes the cat wheel.

Monarch is the quieter and more shy of the two sisters, but she’s playful as well. She does tend to walk or run away if she’s approached by people when she’s on the ground. But once she finds a comfortable spot, she loves interaction. Visitors to The Cat Cafe have learned that using a wand toy to get her to play is a good way to interact with Monarch.

The last cat to join our clowder is Stripes, who is two years old. We love to call this guy our chonker, because he’s heavier than he should be. He’s surprisingly not all that food motivated for a big guy. We think he just needs to get a little more active and then he’ll drop the pound or two he needs to.

Come on by and meet the latest members of The Cat Cafe and say hello to your favorites who have been around longer.

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