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New Arrivals Take The Cat Cafe Clowder to Twelve

We had a lot of adoptions recently, with five cats going home over three days. We won’t see Jasper, Gibby, Gigi, Lady, or Sonny in the playpen at The Cat Cafe any more. But we’re glad they went to good homes.

The Rescue House did a very good job in making sure that we had cats waiting to bring in to take their spots. It only took two days for them to bring in cats to bring in enough cats to fill out the clowder.

We here at The Cat Cafe have gotten good at placing bonded pairs. So it only makes sense that The Rescue House would bring us another bonded pair. Meet Niebla and Seiko.

Meet Niebla at The Cat Cafe


Seven year old Niebla loves to find a spot on a cat tree and wait there until she sees someone she wants to interact with. When she does, she’ll talk to you with her unique meow. And if you respond, she may hop into your lap to say hello.

Meet Seiko at The Cat Cafe


Her nine year old sister Seiko is more reserved. But give her a chance, and she’ll be happy to hop into your lap and purr. Seiko also likes to play hide and seek, popping out to greet you from under a blanket or pillow.

Meet Frankie at The Cat Cafe


Frankie is five years old, and he was trying to make a life on the streets by the beach. A kind person saw him, and learned he’s a friendly cat. Frankie is very grateful for this, and he loves to show affection to people he meets. And does he ever love being pet!

Meet Charlie at The Cat Cafe


At three years old, Charlie is the youngest of the cats in this group to join our clowder. He’s an active cat, and very curious. He’s hard to get a picture of, because he won’t stay still and he wants to sniff the camera! Another unique thing about Charlie is his tail. There’s a little kink in the tail about half way down it.

We’re glad we have a full clowder of cats for you to meet at The Cat Cafe. We’d love for you to come on by and see them!

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